Why do I need a phone number for Twitter?

Everyting you need to know regarding associating your phone number on Twitter.

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We have been there before, you don’t feel comfortable giving your phone number to Twitter or any other service.

But, probably you’ve reached the point that Twitter doesn’t let you use your account without adding a valid phone number.

Most of the social media platforms have switched from email verification to phone number verification or 2FA in the last few years.

Twitter isn’t an exception.

It isn’t clear if the underlying reason to have your phone number is for security or to use it for marketing purposes.

But, the truth has to be told.

Currently, is the best way way to keep your account safe from Twitter suspensions.

So, keep with me and let’s see why Twitter asks for a phone number, why you should have a valid phone number associated, and what we suggest if you have more than one Twitter account.

Why does Twitter ask for a phone number associated with my account?

Twitter phone number verification

Twitter is relying heavily on a phone number as part of the verification process of an account.

As soon as you create your account, you’ll notice that the default verification point they suggest is using a phone number.

create twitter account

You can create an account by providing an email.

But, Twitter will trigger a validation process to force you to add a phone number after a couple of days of using the app.

Why? The real reason behind mining your phone number it’s not clear.

They promise additional features in exchange for you having associated a valid phone number but also when providing a phone number, you are allowing twitter.com to send you text messages or using your phone for marketing purposes.

Why should I associate a valid and accessible phone number?

We have helped more than 10,000 customers increase their real and targeted Twitter followers.

And you know what? Currently, having a valid and accessible phone number associated with your Twitter account is the most reliable way to keep your account safe.

Now, if for some reason, Twitter temporarily suspends the activity of your account, you’ll need the phone number associated with your account to remove that temporary suspension.

Shall I use a number provided by a third-party service to create an account?

Definitively not!

If you plan to use Twitter in the long run and have a business around your Twitter account, associate a valid phone number that you have access to it.

Do I need several phone numbers to create different accounts?

No, you can have up to 10 accounts tied with the same phone number.

But, if you plan to have more than one account for your clients, or different purposes, we suggest you have various phone numbers to keep each account safe and separated or each other.

If one of your accounts gets locked by Twitter and your phone number is associated with more accounts, they can be compromised.

So, use different phone numbers for each of your Twitter accounts.


Well, I hope we have clarified some of your doubts about associating your phone number on Twitter.