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Start unfollowing all those Twitter accounts that aren't of your interest, automatically and effortlessly. Through powerful filters, you can choose to keep following only those profiles that interest you or your business.

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The Most Powerful Twitter Unfollow App

It's the perfect tool to safely start unfollowing on Twitter and pick which profiles you are not interested in. With Owlead Unfollow Power-Up you can reduce the following number consistently, strategically and secure. Start unfollowing on Twitter effortlessly and automatically.

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Unfollow Accounts That Aren't Following You

When you manually follow new users on Twitter, many will follow you, and others will end up unfollowing you without you even realizing it. With the Unfollow Power-Up, you will be able to unfollow those accounts that have unfollowed you, as well as all those that aren't of your interest any longer.

Build The Audience You Want

Creating the audience that your brand or business deserves, is not an overnight task. Refining your following list is a very important step to creating the community you always dreamed of.

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Powerful Filters to Choose Who to Unfollow

Segment which accounts to unfollow with the Twitter unfollow Tool filters. Select to unfollow accounts that follow you or not, those according to the number of followers and followings they have, and many more.

Boost Your Follower/Following Ratio

The combination of Owlead and the Unfollow Power-Up is wonderful. You will be able to gain followers while being able to unfollow accounts you previously followed. The gap between followers and following will be positive for your account.

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Know Everything in Detail

You will be able to see in detail the number of accounts you have unfollowed and all those still pending to be unfollowed.

Securely Twitter Mass Unfollow

There's no need to unfollow like crazy and raise Twitter's attention. The Unfollow Power-Up has been created to respect Twitter limits, working safely and efficiently for your account.

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How Does Our Twitter Unfollow Tool Work?

Start unfollowing on Twitter safely and consistently. Trim your following effortlessly and automatically.

Features of our Twitter Unfollow Tool

See what's inside waiting to work for the growth of your audience. An army of handy features to help you get the most out of Twitter.

Unfollow on Autopilot

After you set up the power-up, it will work in the background trimming your following while you take care of your daily tasks.

Audience Filters

You have plenty of available filters to narrow the audience that will be unfollowed.

Respects Twitter Limits

Our unfollow tool honors Twitter limits, making it an efficient and safe way to clean your following.

Interactive Dashboard

Control which kinds of accounts are under your current filter criteria, and see how many accounts have been unfollowed and the ones left to be unfollowed. All from our intuitive interface.

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What Users Think About Owlead

Thousands of users have tested Owlead. Find out what they say about us here.

"Owlead definitely helped me to increase my Twitter followers without being spammy. I will keep it in mind for future client projects!"

David Verjano

David Verjano

Partner Beyond The Agency

"I'm so thankful for Owlead! I've been able to significantly grow my Twitter followers count and my account has never looked better. It's made the entire process of managing my profile much easier and quicker."

Sebastián Cardozo

Creator Nichoseo

"Owlead is a Twitter growth service that stands out for the usability and for the simple way to attract and get real Twitter followers for our customers."

Sebastián Motta

Sebastián Motta

Founder of Patricio

"Owlead has given serious momentum to my Twitter account. I love how I can easily target my audience and tweak as needed to continually get the highest quality followers. It’s made such a significant impact on my business growth!"

Galadriel Grace

Galadriel Grace

Consultant Grace Notes LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Unfollow Power-Up without subscribing to Owlead?

Yes, you can use this tool on any Twitter account, and you don't have to be subscribed to any Owlead plans. They are two different tools. However, it is highly recommended to use both to unleash the full potential of your Twitter account.

How much does it cost the Twitter Unfollow Tool?

The monthly subscription price of our Unfollow Power-Up is $9.99.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. No long-term commitments.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, you can try the Unfollow Power-Up for for free to unfollow 10 accounts automatically.

Is it safe to do mass unfollowing?

It's safe if you do it the right way. It's not recommended to unfollow all your followings at once. It can ruin your reputation of your account. That's why our Twitter Unfollow Tool handles the unfollow tasks strategically and safely respecting Twitter's limits.

How to set up the Twitter Unfollow Tool?

Once you create your account on the platform, you will see a button called Unfollow Power-Up at the top right of your control panel. By clicking it, you will be able to start a free trial to test the tool and configure the types of accounts you are no longer interested in following. It's a very easy process and extremely simple to implement.

How many accounts do the Unfollow Power-Up unfollows per month?

The Power-Up unfollows up to 4,000 followings per month.

Is your tool GDPR compliant?

Yes, it is! Read our privacy policy to learn more about it.