Twitter Threads: How to make the best ones in 2023

Learn how to create a Twitter thread that will break all your stats. Get ideas with these examples of successful threads.

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Threads have been crucial content for hundreds of Twitter users who have boosted their profile or their businesses thanks to this type of post.

Nowadays, with the arrival of Twitter Blue, paid users no longer need to write them since they can now write unlimited characters; however, many of them continue to create them.

Twitter threads appeared naturally when users tried to say more things that the initial 140 characters did not allow them to say.

Today, they are an entity almost with a life of their own and tend to stand out on Twitter over tweets of up to 280 characters.

They have countless benefits, and here we will teach you how to write them and examples of successful thread types.

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What is a Twitter Thread?

Simply put, a thread is a set of tweets connected to each other, creating a story or content that “links” to each other.

Twitter Thread

Initially, they were used to going into more detail than a single tweet would allow. To do so, it was better to create a thread than several separate tweets.

This is how threads were born, and their uses range from telling stories, making announcements, reviewing or selling a product or service, telling news and much more.

Advantages of writing threads on Twitter

Advantages are notorious, and here are the main ones:

1. Increase the reach of your publications

Threads tend to have a greater reach than regular tweets.

This is because a thread is composed of several tweets; therefore, the reach and views achieved are much more significant than 280-character tweets.

how to write a twitter thread

Sure, not every thread will go viral, but you may have a better chance of becoming one.

2. Boost interactions

Well-written threads with exciting content can greatly enhance the reach of your publication and the interaction with the audience.

A thread can arouse people’s interest in your industry, but engagement will skyrocket even as they start viewing, liking, sharing or commenting on your thread.

Create twitter thread

A good thread is a wonderful strategy to interact with your followers and attract a new target audience to your profile.

3. Tell stories and add value

Threads are great for telling an exciting story or creating a guide or tutorial to bring value to your community.

If you want to tell a personal experience or give a statement, there is nothing better than a thread.

You can also bring value to your community and gradually become a reference.

Not all are likes and RT, but good stories are worthy of applause, likes and RT in tons; the same goes for content that teaches the user about something that interests him.

4. Attract new followers and potential customers

We all want to expand and increase the number of followers.

But even more so, we want to get potential customers for our business.

Threads are spectacularly effective for this, as they can teach, provide value, tell engaging narratives, and showcase you to your target audience.

5 examples of successful threads

The following is a list of 5 types of threads that tend to glow.

1. Listings

One of the most commonly used types of threads is the listings.

For some reason, the human brain loves numbers and lists, which is why these types of threads do very well.

Twitter threads viral

Log into your Twitter account and see several listing-type threads within minutes, for sure.

2. Motivational

Motivational threads are also great for getting exciting exposure.

They can go viral and can also help you connect with your target audience.

twitter thread stories

Tell a motivational story of how you were X amount of time ago and how you are now, and you will see the potential of this type of thread.

3. How to…

Showing something of interest to your audience or the general public is also an excellent idea for a thread.

They usually provide a lot of value, and that is why they also serve to promote your brand or business.

You will also attract hundreds of users who will become followers.

4. Things you didn’t know

Tips, tricks, shortcuts, commands or any other kind of “Things you didn’t know” are very well received by the Twitter community.

write twitter thread

Create a thread with tricks, tips, or data about things that generate interest that most people probably don’t know about.

5. Recommendations

Finally, the type of thread with recommendations for movies, places to visit, restaurants, video games or “X” usually also works very well and receives a lot of interactions.

thread recommendations

If you are an expert in any subject and you want to recommend something to your community in an honest way, make a thread, and you will see how the notifications will not stop coming.

How to write a great Twitter thread

Writing threads is an art, no doubt, so here are some quick tips to help you take it to the next level.

1. Think about what your audience wants

You have followers, and they follow you for a reason.

Because they are interested in your business because they are acquaintances or friends, if it is a personal account, if they like the way you communicate, or because you talk about interesting topics.

thread on twitter

Knowing your audience is significant, as it allows you to understand which threads may do well and which may not.

They are also the first to “promote” your content, as they will be the first to see it.

2. Arouse curiosity with a hook

El hook es la parte que abre tu hilo y la parte que más veces se leerá.

Pero a su vez, también es la más importante.


If you create an interesting hook that arouses the curiosity of your users, then the thread will be deployed; if it doesn’t, nobody will read it.

Pay 50% attention to the hook and 50% to the rest of the thread.

3. Add data and objective sources

A thread does not have to be a university or bibliographic source; that is more than evident.

But sometimes threads are created with a solid statistical and data component, and the sources are not cited anywhere.

It is not very credible, the same as its author.

That’s why if you say how many millions of dollars were spent on technology in 2023, you better attach a serious source before losing credibility.

4. Keep it simple and atractive

Last but not least, you should always think that you will be read by many people, with different ages, abilities and above all interests and tastes.

thread listing

Writing simply and attractively will make you keep them all waiting for the following tweet in your thread.

In turn, you will convey a very clear message that will reach everyone.

Less is more.


Creating Twitter threads will help you connect with your audience with content that goes far beyond 280 characters and 10 seconds of reading time.

In a thread, you can tell long stories, provide communications, create guides, promote a service or product and anything else you can think of.

In fact, by creating exciting threads, you will surely have a much greater reach than with a simple tweet, which will allow you to get new followers and potential customers and increase your reach too much.

Interactions can be boosted enormously, as well as the less tangible benefits.

You will gradually become a reference in your sector if you create threads on a regular basis and Twitter users like them.

With this, your personal brand, or that of your business, can expand and reach where you always wanted.

Of course, nothing assures you that every thread you create will go viral, but if you are constant, they will bring you a lot of benefits.