Twitter niche: How to find the right one for you

Finding your own niche on Twitter can be a very complex task, but if you choose the right one you can create a great business around your profile.

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Twitter is one of the best ways to start a business and get significant profits without a considerable investment, even with just the investment of your time and work.

But, it is not so easy to achieve when you do not have a background or are influential in a particular sector.

That’s why you must become an authority or voice of reference in a specific niche.

If you want to be an influencer and make money with your Twitter account, you can’t talk about everything since anyone won’t take you into account.

However, if you attack a specific niche and boost your brand and authority among the public interested in your sector, the benefits will not stop coming.

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Advantages of having your niche on Twitter

Here are the main benefits of working your niche on Twitter.

1. Be a reference in your sector, no matter how small it may be

The bigger the industry you want to target, the more difficult it will be, therefore more work, more investment and less certainty for the future.

However, a small or micro niche will be much more accessible and believe me, there are always people interested in your sector.

how to find your twitter niche

Some examples of niches or micro niches that you can target:

-Niche dedicated to a specific car model (Porsche 911, maybe a less popular one, too, of course).

-Niche dedicated to a type of TV series (expert on The Office or Breaking Bad, how about that?)

-Account dedicated to talking about a specific not-so-popular sport (darts, bow and arrow, paddle, badminton, etc.)

-A niche about restaurants in a certain city or country.

-A profile dedicated to talking about email marketing tools.

-A niche about theatre plays in X location.

As you can see, niches or micro niches can be very specific and varied, and there are sure to be many people interested in them.

Of course, there must also be competition, and that’s who you have to beat.

2. Sell your most expensive services

If you are an authoritative voice and reference, then indeed, you can now offer the services you used to sell at $50 an hour without fear at $300.

It depends on your expertise and how much you can negotiate your knowledge.

It won’t be the same once you have your account with a loyal following.

3. You keep the focus by providing valuable content.

Being in a sector and creating your niche on Twitter will make you more focused, and always think about what content to provide your audience to generate more and better repercussions.

You will have to be aware of your competition, the advances in your sector, and if there is important news to communicate.

twitter niches

This will make you always want to go further and conquer your audience with better content.

4. Consolidate a loyal audience

Your brand on Twitter is something you won’t achieve overnight.

But after some time of constant and intelligent work, you can build a loyal audience that will always be there.

They will constantly interact with your posts, trust your products, consume them and possibly even promote them for you.

They will be there at your best and worst moments, which is invaluable.

How to find my niche on Twitter?

Follow the steps below to identify the niche in which you can stand out.

1. Do you have a passion for something, and can you talk about it with competence?

It is useless to find a perfect niche with little competition and great monetization possibilities if it does not interest you.

You should look for a niche in which you feel motivated to create content and, above all, know at least a little about what you are talking about.

twitter niche how to find

As much as many would like to create a niche in some medical speciality, only a specialist doctor would be reliable in that sector.

The same goes for a lot of niches.

Find your passion and be prepared to speak with authority about it.

2. Are you hurrying to earn money, or can it wait?

Regarding the above, the niches that most people are passionate about are often not so easy to monetize.

That is why starting a niche and betting everything on it is not a good idea if you are in a financial bind.

Having extra income as you gradually grow your Twitter niche is always good.

find a niche on twitter

But, some niches can be more easily monetized than others, and it is possible that you might want to try it there even if it is not your passion.

It’s up to you, but remember that creating a niche just for making money will not satisfy you forever in the long run.

3. Know your audience and your target audience

You must know your audience and the public interested in your topic very well.

Know and learn over time what tweets generate the most interactions, what times are most profitable, what type of tweet does not fail, and also their socio-economic and demographic characteristics.

It is not the same to speak to people in your city as to attack a global niche with people worldwide.

4. Look at your competitors’ work and get inspired by their ideas.

Drawing inspiration from your competitors and getting ideas from them is something everyone does.

Imagine you can get insights from what you do and everyone else does.

This allows you to accelerate processes significantly, imitate in part what works and discard in advance what does not.

Being inspired does not mean copying. Keep this in mind.

How to get followers of my niche on Twitter

You can’t miss some points when getting followers for your niche on Twitter since nothing would be possible without them.

1. Valuable content with solid knowledge

Exciting content is always from the sector in which you are competing.

Provide attractive content and, of course, in which you demonstrate everything you know about it.

twitter niche

You will not be taken seriously if you are unreliable when talking about a topic and make recurring mistakes.

Always corroborate the information; if you can add truthful sources, do it!

2. Use copywriting skills

Learning copywriting will help you enormously to create publications that will keep your followers and the audience on their toes.

You can create stories, offer products, sell your services, and discuss related topics very interestingly.

Your audience will be hooked and receive hundreds of likes, RT, and new followers.

It may not go quite right the first time, but the more you practice, the better the results will be.

3. Give presents

Giving gifts is always a great idea to get followers.

The typical sweepstakes or gifts in exchange for liking, tagging two friends and sharing the publication are usually perfect for getting new followers.

Then it’s up to you to keep them and not let them leave at the first opportunity.

4. Ask them about their interests

Asking users about their interests, conducting surveys, and measuring the impact of your tweets give valuable data about what interests your audience and the path you should follow.

That is why you should always consider what interests them and what they like.

This does not mean that you must please all their desires.

5. Without perseverance, there is no success

Last but not least.

Without consistency, there are no results.

If you start at full throttle and after 6 months you give up because you don’t see great results, you won’t make it.

niche on twitter

It’s about being consistent and trusting the process.

It may take you six months, one year, two years or even longer.

So enjoy the journey and learn continuously.


Creating your niche on Twitter will allow you to create your community and thus become a referent.

This will bring a loyal audience that values you and countless business possibilities.

Whether selling your services, selling products with affiliates, promoting your products or even being hired by a company with an excellent salary.

It all depends on your skills, your choice of niche and how committed you are to the company.

Hopefully, this article will help you, and in a short time, you will see the fruits.