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A Handy Framework to Get and Convert Leads from Twitter.

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Twitter lead generation cards aren’t with us anymore. So, we had to come up with a creative and effective way to get and convert leads from Twitter so you can make the most out of your Twitter followers.

Twitter is crowded with leads waiting for you to grab them, warm them up, and convert them into paying customers.

You just need an adequate (bulletproof) framework that feeds you with leads and helps you scale this strategy the right way (yes, it’s GDPR compliant).

I’ll show you how you can grow-hack Twitter to create a Twitter lead generation machine from your Twitter account in 3 simple steps — even with a low budget.

For this strategy you’ll need to follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1 – attract targeted Twitter followers effortlessly.
  • Step 2 – scan for leads from your followers.
  • Step 3 – configure a cold email campaign to skyrocket your contacts.

Ready to discover leads from Twitter like never before? Stay with me….


Twitter Lead Generation — Index

Why Twitter for lead generation?

The answer to this question… is another question: Why not?

If you’ve arrived here, you’re looking to leverage your Twitter audience to sell more.

That’s the final goal of your business social media platforms — reach more people and convert them into customers.

Having a brand that crafts nice tweets is great, but all of us have to make it to the end of the month and pay our bills.

Nice tweets don’t pay your bills, happy customers do!

If you’re already using outreach campaigns, especially cold emailing, you’re probably already gathering leads from Linkedin and Facebook, and you’ll be familiar with some steps of our framework.

Social media lead sources (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook) are there for you to try them out, size the cost of a lead on each channel and decide if it’s worth it for your brand to leverage this channel.

We’re going to focus on Twitter right now, so let’s dive into the framework to convert Twitter followers into customers.

How to gain targeted Twitter followers

Our Secret Weapon to Gain Real & Targeted Twitter followers.

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You can jump right into Twitter and start scanning for emails on any Twitter handle.

But, filtering and qualifying your Twitter followers is mandatory to increase your conversion ratio as well as reduce costs and efforts.

Based on smart filters that separate the signal from the noise and a Twitter auto follower, Owlead will help you get real Twitter followers while you take care of your daily activities. Thinking about taking a shortcut and buying Twitter followers? Don’t you dare, it’s worthless.

The platform handles the following and unfollowing tasks on autopilot — it’s a marketing tool on steroids and currently the one and only of its kind.

Owlead will help you filter by:

  • Keywords in Twitter user’s bio
  • Language
  • Geographic location
  • Gender

Also, the platform automatically filters non-valuable accounts, like accounts with:

  • Default profile picture
  • Spam words in the bio: ‘follow by follow’, ‘follow me’, ‘follow back’, etc.
  • Bad followers/following ratio
  • Low activity

Based on a study we conducted about Twitter follow back ratio, with our Twitter automation you can gain between 200 and 975 new real and targeted Twitter followers on average per month.

Want to know the best part? If you convert a Twitter account into a follower, this new follower will be more advanced in your customer journey compared to any other Twitter account.

A gained Twitter follower with our Twitter follow bot is someone that at least took a couple of seconds to:

  • Analyze your Twitter account
  • Read your bio
  • See your profile and cover image
  • Perhaps went to your site through your bio URL

What for? To decide if they’ll follow you back.

So, for that Twitter account, you aren’t a stranger anymore. Perhaps they aren’t ready to purchase from you, but at least they have your brand on the radar.

Now, your Twitter account is starting to gain traction with real and targeted followers for your brand.

Gain leads as followers on Twitter

It’s time to take Step 2 with our framework…

How to get leads from your Twitter followers

We (the creators of Owlead) are so into Twitter that we weren’t pleased with just our Twitter growth service.

So, we decided to craft another tool that helps you get leads from any Twitter account.

Dailead is a Twitter lead generation platform that lets you target accounts to scan for leads.

To use the platform you have to provide a Twitter search account (your Target account) and Dailead will scan and retrieve the most valuable leads from the Twitter followers of that account.

Dailead will feed you with the following information from your followers:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Linkedin
  • Website

On average, the platform has a 10-20% leads to followers ratio.

That means, from an audience of 100 followers it will find between 10-20 leads with populated data.

The main concern around Dailead is how the technology finds the emails of the Twitter accounts and its compliance with GDPR.

Dailead is not associated, neither uses the Twitter API to retrieve the email associated with the Twitter accounts.

Instead, the platform gathers important public data available from each Twitter account:

  • @Handle
  • Name
  • Url
  • Bio description

And with this information, Dailead makes educated guesses and attempts to detect valid email addresses.

The accuracy of the technology to detect a valid email is between 80 to 90%.

It gets better, you can download your leads on CSV format to import them wherever you want.

Now, thanks to Owlead you have an active audience on Twitter, and with Dailead, you have the power to unlock leads from that audience.

Get leads from your Twitter followers with Dailead

It’s time to see how you can contact your leads and the handy tool that will let you leverage this strategy.

How to contact your leads (and be compliant with GDPR)

When starting a new strategy that you want to scale later, you have to gain confidence and learn along the way to build the fundamentals.

With cold emailing you’ll gain that confidence by tweaking things to improve your conversion rate.

So, before introducing you to Lemlist, a platform to automate cold emails, I have to give you the best advice regarding cold email:

“Start slow doing things that don’t scale till you maximize your conversion ratio.”

Cold email is a sensitive strategy to use, nowadays more than ever we protect our inbox.

Why? Because email is one of the most intruding things that can break focus and attention in irreversible ways.

That’s why none of us want more unsolicited emails landing in our inbox.

Also, if you are an EU resident there are laws (GDPR) that you’ll have to comply with to use this strategy.

Cold email is an art, you have to land in the priority inbox with a relevant message for your lead to capture her attention and make her take action.

New to cold emails? We don’t want to go that deep in this post explaining the nuances on how you can boost your open/reply rates and all technical aspects of cold emails. But…

Here is the deal: When we started with cold emails we made a deep research report about it and you’ll find nearly everything you need to know about cold emailing in this massive post. Give it a read… or two!

The main takeaways from our experience and research:

  • Start slow, do things manually, testing: subject, copy, time, offer.
  • Craft ultra-personalized, compelling emails.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up — not once, not twice, but at least three times.
  • Know your lead, do the work and talk about her goals (not yours).
  • Automate your cold email campaigns when you’ve nailed it.

When you feel comfortable and have everything in place, automate this step with a cold email platform.

Contact your leads at scale with Lemlist

Want a secret to convert more Twitter followers into customers with this entire framework?

Stay with me…

Secret touchpoint to grab your lead’s attention

When crafting your marketing campaigns, you have to think out of the box to create a 360º experience for your leads.

Show up in more than one channel (touchpoints) with several repetitions.

This will make your brand feel more familiar: frequency breeds familiarity and familiarity breeds trust.

“Being trusted is what you need to make a sale.”

Now, how can you be present on more channels for your leads? Facebook Ads!

Remember that you have your lead’s email on CSV format, you can create a custom audience based on emails and start delivering targeted ads for your leads.

Here is how your Twitter lead generation machine will look after you’ve implemented this strategy.

Twitter lead generation framework

We hope you find this framework resourceful!