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Auto following on Twitter pays off, Owlead is the best Twitter follow bot to automate the entire process. Learn how Owlead can save endless hours of your time while skyrocketing šŸš€ your audience on Twitter.

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The smartest Twitter follow bot

Auto follow accounts on Twitter is still a thing in 2020 but only if you are pointing in the right direction and filtering the valuable accounts from the non-valuable ones. See how our Twitter marketing tool can help you out with automating your mass following on Twitter while emulating human behavior and protecting your account with security measures.

Twitter follow bot auto follow

Auto Follow Twitter Followers

Let the platform know your target audience in its filtering system and our Twitter follow bot will do the heavy work for you. Thanks to the reciprocity principle you'll reap the rewards of Twitter mass follow.

Follow Quality Accounts

Based on artificial intelligence the platform filters the valuable accounts and discards spam/non-valuable accounts. Owlead finds a targeted audience for you. Don't waste your money buying Twitter followers.

Gana seguidores reales y orgaĢnicos en Twitter
Auto Unfollow Twitter

Auto Unfollow Non-Followers

Owlead also takes care of the cleaning process keeping your account healthy with a balance of following/followers.

Automation on Steroids

The platform isn't just a Twitter mass follow bot, it's a complete Twitter marketing tool to get Twitter followers while emulating human behavior and keeping your account within safety limits.

Scale at your own pace
Twitter growth hacking analytics

Analytics Dashboard

See the results of your following strategy and the profile of your most recent followers. Adjust your follow settings whenever you want from desktop or mobile.

Safety Measures

Owlead takes care of the safety of your account by respecting Twitter limits. Security is one of our top priorities and not a single customer has been suspended since Owlead started serving since 2015.

Secure Twitter Auto Follower
How does Twitter follow bot work?

You are just a few simple steps from gaining more real and targeted followers than ever before. The setup process won't take more than one minute.

Features of our Twitter Follow Bot

See what's inside waiting to work for the growth of your audience. An army of handy features to help you get the most out of Twitter.

Auto Follow on Twitter

Auto Follow

Super safe Twitter auto-follower. The platform emulates human behavior to follow on your behalf and executes a controlled and validated amount of actions per day to grow your account and keep it safe at the same time.

Auto Unfollow

Owlead takes care of the cleanup of your account. It will automatically identify non-followers accounts previously followed by Owlead and will unfollow them to keep your followers/following ratio healthy.

Auto unfollow on Twitter
Anti spam Twitter

Anti Spam Filtering

Following dormant accounts doesn't make sense. That's why Owlead has a proprietary algorithm to filter out the noise on Twitter and help you attract real and engaged Twitter accounts.

Advance Segmentation

Narrowing your audience is key to skyrocketing your followers with high-quality accounts. Owlead auto-follow feature lets you filter based on: language, location, keywords in bio, and gender.

Twitter growth service with advance filter
Growth Analytics Twitter


Keep track of your daily growth and monitor the impact Owlead is making on your audience. See the profiles, demographics, interests, and interactions of the most relevant followers you're earning.

Followers Quality Score

Owlead really cares about the quality of your audience. That's why the platform has a built-in filter to follow only valuable Twitter accounts on your behalf. Go ahead and see the quality score of your audience diretly from your dashboard.

Twitter followers quality score
Tailored plans

Tailored plans

No matter if you are a freelancer or a big agency, we have plans that suit your needs to help you grow a high-quality audience on Twitter for you or your customers.

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They are reaping the rewards of our Twitter Follow Bot

More than 5,000 customers served in more than 10 countries with our Twitter mass follow bot.

"Owlead definitely helped me to increase my Twitter followers without being spammy. I will keep it in mind for future client projects!"

David Verjano

David Verjano

Partner Beyond The Agency

"I'm so thankful for Owlead! I've been able to significantly grow my Twitter followers count and my account has never looked better. It's made the entire process of managing my profile much easier and quicker."

SebastiƔn Cardozo

Creator Nichoseo

"Owlead is a Twitter growth service that stands out for the usability and for the simple way to attract and get real Twitter followers for our customers."

SebastiƔn Motta

SebastiƔn Motta

Founder of Patricio

"Owlead has given serious momentum to my Twitter account. I love how I can easily target my audience and tweak as needed to continually get the highest quality followers. Itā€™s made such a significant impact on my business growth!"

Galadriel Grace

Galadriel Grace

Consultant Grace Notes LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Twitter Follow Bot works?

The Twitter Follow Bot will allow you to gain quality followers in an automated way. The first thing it does is to connect to your Twitter profile, and then create a follow-up campaign indicating which is the competitor or industry leader you want to get their followers. This will allow the Twitter Auto Follow Bot to start following the users of that account and consequently you will receive many follows back, thus increasing your number of followers. You can segment which users you are interested in getting according to country, gender, interests, or just leave it free. Finally you can analyze how your profile has grown and if you need to start new campaigns.

Is the Twitter Follow Bot free?

Twitter Follow Bot has a monthly cost, however, you can use the tool for free for 15 days to test it and see how wonderful it will be for your profile and your business. After 15 days, if it meets your expectations, you will have to pay to continue using it.

Will I get real users or just bot or spam accounts?

The great advantage of the Twitter Follow Bot is that you will get 100% real followers who are also interested in your sector or business. This is because you will choose reference accounts for the tool to send follow to the followers of the same. This way you will get the follow back from real and quality followers.

What will happen to all the accounts that do not return my follow back?

Accounts that do not follow you back will be unfollowed after a reasonable period of time. In addition, accounts that do follow you back can be unfollowed after a certain period of time, or you can keep following them. All in an automated way.

How many followers can I get each month?

If you have a standard account, you can expect to get between 200-300 real followers per month. If you have a Blue account, then you can get between 1000 and 1500 new followers per month.

Why use the Twitter Follow Bot instead of buying followers directly?

Both play in two totally different leagues. Buying followers directly is a useless practice, with which you will only manage to increase the number of followers but lose all your brand authority. Interactions will go down and the bots will be of no use to you. The Twitter Follow Bot allows you to gradually gain real followers with whom to interact, share, exchange and create community.

Is my account and data at risk when using Owlead's Twitter Follow Bot?

No. Both your personal data and your Twitter account will be very safe. The Twitter Follow Bot mimics human behavior and in no way exceeds the limits set by Twitter.

Is Owlead's Twitter Follow Bot GDPR compliant?

Yes, it is!. Read our privacy policy to know more about it.

How much is the Twitter Follow Bot by Owlead?

Plans start at $29 per month. Remember that you can try for free for 15 days. Check all our plans here.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

Can I lose the followers I have gained if I stop using the Twitter Follow Bot?

No, the followers you already got are yours and no one will take them away from you. However, you will stop gaining as many followers as you have been doing month after month.