Twitter Blue for Business: How to use it for your company (in 2023)

Get to know all the advantages that Twitter Blue can give to your company and/or your business

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The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk has brought with it some significant changes to this social network.

In fact, perhaps the most talked about has been the possibility of accessing Twitter Blue for any user or account that wants to pay for it.

The Twitter Verified Organizations plan has also been launched, dedicated exclusively to companies, non-profit organizations, sports clubs, and other types of non-governmental organizations that can opt for verification, and obtain the much desired and representative golden check.

That said, getting the golden check can be extremely expensive and a prolonged verification process, so many companies choose to pay for a subscription to Twitter Blue, thus obtaining many advantages for a very affordable price.

In this article, we will talk about Twitter Blue for Business and also about Twitter Verified Organizations.

You will learn about the features and benefits of each of these services for your business.

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What is Twitter Blue for Business?

Before we begin, we must clarify something that usually generates a lot of confusion (mainly as a result of the lack of clarity and the comings and goings that Twitter has had with the arrival of the owner of SpaceX).

There is what is known as Twitter Blue, a monthly subscription for any type of user or account.

Even many businesses and entrepreneurs have opted for it.

twitter blue for business and enterprises

On the other hand, there is a service called Verified Organizations, which is exclusively for companies or corporations and government entities, but which, both for its price and verification process, makes it almost inaccessible for most organizations with a Twitter profile.

That is why, when we talk about the advantages of Twitter Blue for Business, we will be referring to Twitter Blue itself and how it can benefit small, medium and even large companies.

What’s Twitter Verified Organization?

Sometimes mistakenly referred to as Blue for Business, Twitter Verified Organizations is a recent service that Twitter has launched for businesses, corporations and organizations.

Unlike Twitter Blue, this service adds a gold badge and a square-shaped profile picture to the profile.

Perhaps its base price of $1,000 per month seems quite expensive for small or medium-sized businesses; however, large organizations will have no problem paying for it.

In fact, Elon Musk commented in a tweet that they are thinking of cheaper plans for smaller companies and businesses.

twitter blue for business

Main advantages of Twitter Blue for Business

Below I will tell you the main advantages of having Twitter Blue in your business.

If you want to go deeper and get to know all the features, we invite you to read the full review of Twitter Blue.

1. Exponential growth of followers with Owlead Blue

If your company is associated with Twitter Blue, you can significantly increase your followers and potential customers.

Owlead allows you to follow Twitter accounts automatically, targeting your campaigns to your competitors’ businesses and sending requests to all their followers.

With this, you will not only be able to get the follow back but also, the quality of the followers will be very high and related to your business.

With the Owlead Blue plan, you can gain up to 1500 quality followers per month, without any effort and for only 49 dollars.

2. More credibility

It is true that today any person or company can access the blue check. However, having or not having it is not indifferent to two main reasons.

The first is that it is still present in the minds of twitterers, that the blue check is synonymous with prestige and that before, it was only accessed through the goodwill of the network and a powerful profile that used to have thousands of followers.

Twitter blue for business and verified organizations

And secondly, with the blue check, it is easier to distinguish an official account from an unofficial one.

A company account with a blue check is certainly the official site, as no one would pay to have Twitter Blue on a parody or malicious account.

Besides, it must also pass Twitter’s verification.

3. Edit tweets

The ability to edit tweets is also one of the features offered by Twitter Blue.

A typo, spelling, date or message error can be corrected instantly without deleting the tweet and re-uploading it.

4. You can organize your Twitter account

You can organize your saved tweets in Bookmarks into folders and get ideas for your following tweets.

For example, you can create a folder with saved tweets referring to offers, another one with ideas of value for your followers, others about comments and opinions about the market, and so on.

5. Write as much as you want

The ability to write more than 280 characters is excellent for issuing communiqués, making an announcement or any other type of tweet that requires it.

You no longer have to create threads to give longer messages, which are sometimes displayed messily.

6. Learn about the latest trends with Top Articles

In Top Articles, you can access a list of specially selected articles based on your interests.

With this, you can stay on top of your industry’s latest news and trends.

This way, you can mention a hot topic, get ideas for an upcoming product or simply find out what the competition is doing.

If you are still in doubt, you can read our content: Is Twitter Blue worth it?

Features of Twitter Verified Organization

Large organizations can opt for this service. Let’s take a look at some of its main advantages.

Twitter blue for your business

1. Gold Check and square avatar

It may seem something aesthetic and extra, but the gold check represents prestige and is a synonym for a great organization.

Its price of $1000 per month means that very few accounts have this mark, and therefore, they are part of a select group.

Twitter business

That said, the square avatar is something that will be able to differentiate your company from all other types of accounts.

2. Affiliations and Custom Organization Profile

Another great advantage is that you can have affiliates.

This means that an organization can affiliate all its allied profiles, whether they are other companies under its organization or other sectors that logically have another Twitter profile.

afilliates Twitter business

Also, employees can be the organisation’s affiliates, and their accounts will enjoy all the benefits of Twitter Blue.

In fact, affiliates will display the square avatar with the organization’s image next to their name.

3. Impersonation defense and premium support

The organizations will have direct support in all matters related to payment problems, affiliations, and identity problems, among others.

At the same time, the organization itself and all its affiliates will have an impersonation defense, and will have to go through revisions every time changes are made to their name, profile image, username, etc.

How to get Twitter Blue for my business

Getting Twitter Blue for your business is a simple process and will only cost you a few monthly dollars.

You will have to go through the review process just like any other Twitter account that wants to subscribe.

Learn more about the process here.

How to opt-in for the golden checkmark for my company

If you want to get the gold check, you must apply for verification at the following link.

You must fulfill all the requirements, including payment details, the organization’s website, an email address and other requirements.

FBI business twitter

The verification process goes in stages, and there is a waiting list, so it may take a few months to complete the whole process.

Governmental organizations can also choose to be verified, receiving the grey check once the process has been completed.


Let’s answer some of the most repetitive questions we get asked:

Can a small business get the gold checkmark?

Yes, it is possible, but very inconvenient because of its cost and the few benefits you can get from it.

The number of affiliates will be very few, so it would be better to opt for Twitter Blue.

How much is it worth? Is it free?

The gold Check costs $1,000 per month, although Elon Musk has stated that he is working to implement more economical plans for smaller businesses.

The blue Check, on the other hand, starts at $84 per year.

Can my employees have a blue checkmark on their Twitter profiles?

Yes, if you have a verified organization, yes. However, if your company is only subscribed to Twitter Blue, you will not be able to affiliate with them; therefore, they will not have the blue check or all the subscription benefits.


Twitter Blue opens up fantastic possibilities for businesses and small ventures.

Not only will you display the blue badge that gives you more credibility, but you will also be able to take advantage of its amazing features.

Whether you want to write long tweets or keep up with the latest trends, you can do it easily with this service.

The best thing, undoubtedly, is the possibility of increasing your audience effortlessly through Owlead Blue.

With this plan, you can get up to 1500 new followers every month in an automated way without extra effort other than configuring your campaigns.

On the other hand, the Verified Organization allows large companies to obtain benefits such as premium support, the opportunity to affiliate accounts and, of course, to show the gold check in the profile.

These are two possibilities that you can access as a company. However, the gold badge verification is much more expensive and time-consuming than Twitter Blue.