Is Twitter Blue worth it? Our thoughts in 2023

Is Twitter Blue worth it? In this blog post we will share with you our experience using the Twitter Blue subscription and if it's a yes or a no-no.

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As an avid Twitter user, I have been using Twitter Blue since its release and I must say, it has enhanced my overall experience on the platform.

Is twitter blue worth it

In fact my reach and my audience growth about 150% percent in the last 4 months thanks partially to Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue not only does it offer exclusive features such as the ability to undo tweets and access exclusive content, but it also introduces different classes of users with the highly coveted blue check.

In this article, I will discuss whether Twitter Blue is worth the subscription cost in 2023 and provide an overview of its pricing, features, and mixed opinions from fellow users.

Let’s get it 🚀

Advantages of using Twitter Blue suscription

As an enthusiastic Twitter consumer, I was delighted about the introduction of Twitter Blue and promptly signed up for the subscription service.

Twitter Blue is an exceptional experience for frequent Twitter users looking for additional attributes.

It provides a selection of features designed to elevate the experience of using Twitter.

advantages of twitter blue

One of the standout characteristics of Twitter Blue is the capacity to reverse tweets.

edit and reverse tweets twitter blue worth it

This feature is incredibly beneficial, particularly for those who regularly post and sometimes regret their tweets.

With Twitter Blue, you can take back your tweets within a specified period, allowing you to correct any errors before they are viewed by your followers. This feature alone makes Twitter Blue worth the subscription fee for me.

Another remarkable feature of Twitter Blue is access to exclusive content. This material includes newsletters, podcasts, and other content created by Twitter users.

As a Twitter Blue subscriber, you get access to this material, granting you a unique outlook on the platform and the people who use it. This attribute is particularly valuable for those aiming to expand their personal brand or business on Twitter.

Twitter Blue also offers an ad-free experience (for the most part), which is a major benefit for users who are fed up with seeing ads on their feeds.

So… I guess it’s worth it, right?

Before you take a decision let’s talk about disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Twitter Blue

To understand if Twitter Blue is worth it for you we need to discuss this.

Honestly, some people will not take full advantage of the exclusive functionalities of Twitter Blue mentioned previously in this blog post.


Because they don’t care about longer tweets or the capability to edit them.

They also don’t care about the ads taking space in the feed.

They just want their personal brand or business to grow.

1. Pricing

A major critique of Twitter Blue is its pricing. At $2.99 per month, some may feel it is an unnecessary expense for features they may not often use.

However, I think the cost is reasonable, taking into account the advantages that come with the subscription.

Moreover, Twitter has made it easy to manage the subscription through the app, and users can terminate it at any time if they no longer find it of value.

Note: If you pay upfront an entire year you get a discount, that’s what I did.

2. Exclusive content it’s kinda limited

Yes, it’s good to have exclusive content only for Twitter Blue users.

But it doesn’t make too much difference.

Some of the “exclusive” stuff it’s niche specific or helps different types of users. Regular users or casual users are not going to see a better experience because of Twitter Blue.

People that use Twitter for work are going to see massive changes though.

3. Bookmark folders and other functionalities

Another point of contention is the limited availability of certain features such as bookmark folders, which are exclusively available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

bookmark folders on twitter blue

It’s great, but not that great.

It depends on how much you can take advantage of.

Twitter Blue vs Twitter – in the Algorithm game

Since I began utilizing Twitter Blue, my presence on the platform has skyrocketed.

With the boost in visibility for certain famous people, I have seen that my own account is also garnering more attention.

The various categories of users that Twitter Blue may introduce could further enhance this visibility, making a blue subscription all the more lucrative.

The exclusive content accessible with Twitter Blue can also help SOME to increase visibility for users. By having access to material that is not open to non-subscribers, users can differentiate themselves and draw in more followers. I have found this to be a major benefit and it has aided me in standing out among other accounts in my niche.

So… is Twitter Blue worth it?

In conclusion, since Twitter Blue came out, I have been using it consistently and have found it to be worth the subscription cost.

The additional features, such as the ability to undo tweets and access exclusive content, have enhanced my overall Twitter experience.

Despite mixed opinions on whether Twitter Blue is worth it, I highly recommend it, especially for those looking to grow their personal brand or business.

Additionally, the blue checkmark feature has boosted my visibility on the platform, further solidifying my belief in the value of Twitter Blue.

Overall, if you are a frequent Twitter user, I suggest giving Twitter Blue a try and seeing how it can improve your experience.