How to switch between Instagram accounts on desktop?

Manage effortlessly multiple Instagram accounts from your desktop.

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by owlead

Well, we are in 2021 and, curiously, some features are still missing, for some unknown reason, like switching comfortably between Instagram accounts from your desktop.

We know that you can switch without hassle from your mobile phone (iOS and Android), but managing several Instagram accounts from your laptop is still lacking a fundamental feature: switch between accounts without the need to login and logout every single time.

That’s why we’ve decided to help you out by making things simple. We’ve developed a free and neat workaround to switch without effort from several Instagram accounts from your desktop.

So, if you are an agency managing your client’s accounts, a freelancer that has to wear several hats daily, or just a regular dude managing your Instagram and Finsta account, we have a solution for you. Stay with me!

The problem for Agencies

If you are running a Social Media Marketing Agency crafting content, managing ads, and replying to queries for your clients on Instagram, you’ll need to login to their account daily.

You are used to doing your work from your laptop and don’t want to have your phone to be clouded by your personal Instagram or Whatsapp.

There are robust solutions out there that will do the trick for you and also will give you more than what you need right now, but they are also pricey.

If you are on a low budget or didn’t want to throw away money with platforms like Hootsuite, until now you were screwed.

The problem for Personal Commercial Use

You’ve started a side project and opened an Instagram account to grab an awesome audience.

Now you’ve started gaining traction, converting those followers into regular sales, and now you are constantly going back and forth to login and logout from your desktop between your personal account and your small business account.

You are not at a point to make big commitments with platforms to handle your social media accounts.

The problem for Personal Use

Who doesn’t have a Finsta where you joke, throw away your sarcastic comments, laugh at everything, and play a ‘second self’ game?

You have to protect yourself from the embarrassment of commenting something thinking you are logged in with your FInsta but actually you are with your regular (serious) account.

The once and for all solution [FREE]

We’ve developed a free Google Chrome Extension that will definitely help you out with managing and switching from several Instagram accounts from your desktop.

No matter if you are a regular user having fun on Instagram, a freelancer/solopreneur trying to make a side hustle, or a social media marketing agency.

Our extension: Multiple Instagram Accounts Switcher will do the trick of keeping you logged in on all the Instagram accounts you may have.

How it works

  • Download Multiple Instagram Accounts Switcher from the Google Chrome Store.
  • Add as many accounts as you want in the extension.
  • Switch between Instagram accounts with a click.
  • Give your mind a rest, you won’t need to login and logout constantly anymore!


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