Multiple Twitter Accounts

Twitter account switcher for Google Chrome. Switch between multiple logged-in Twitter accounts, seamlessly.

Multiple Twitter Accounts, Twitter Account Switcher

Twitter Account Switcher


Install Multiple Twitter Accounts extension from the Chrome Web Store. Free for up to 5 Twitter accounts.


Log in with all your Twitter accounts so we can keep you logged. Swtich between unlimited Twitter accounts.


You won't share your credentials with us, your user and password will reamain private.

Switch between twitter accounts on laptop

Switch from Multiple Twitter Accounts

With Multiple Twitter Accounts for Chrome you'll only have to switch between Twitter accounts to enjoy a seamlessly Twitter experience. Don't go back and forth to use all your accounts.

Manage multiple twitter accounts desktop

Add Multiple Twitter Accounts

Enjoy up to 5 Twitter accounts for free. Want to use our extension for unlimited Twitter accounts? Pay as little as $1.99/month.

  • 1
    Install Multiple Twitter Accounts Extension

    Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Multiple Twitter Account for Chrome extension.

  • 2
    Sign-in From Multiple Twitter Accounts

    Go ahead and sign-in in all your accounts from the Chrome extension to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

  • 3
    Switch Between Multiple Twitter Accounts

    Don't waste login-in and logout from multiple Twitter accounts on your desktop. Log-in once and forget about it.


Login on Multiple Twitter Accounts


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try use it for free?

Yes you can! You can have up to 5 Twitter accounts logged in at the same time with MTA for Chrome. For more than 5 Twitter accounts you'll need to get a licence key.

What's the "Review" payment?

The extension it's forever free for up to 5 Twitter accounts, if you are enjoying the extension we ask you to leave a review in the Google Web Chrome Store to show us some 💙.

Are my accounts secure?

For sure! We don't ask either store your user and password. Your credentials will remain private, always!

Do you have more products?

Yeap! Just go ahead and check Owlead, a plataform to get real and targeted followers on Twitter.

Twitter Account Switcher

Switch between multiple Twitter accounts on your laptop or desktop.

*Works on latest Twitter web version.