How to mass unfollow on Twitter: The Right Way (in 2023)

Learn how to massively unfollow on Twitter and the steps to do it correctly.

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I know.

You’re here because you want to clean your account and mass unfollow people on Twitter.

You came to the right place.

The followers/following ratio continues to be one of the first elements users usually observe when accessing another user’s profile.

Although there are many exceptions, it is usually associated that an account with many followers and few following is more popular than one in which the opposite is true.

Influencers, celebrities in general, and large companies usually have a large number of followers on Twitter and other networks. At the same time, the number of people they follow is generally very small.

Even if we don’t want to, the vast amount of followers and the small amount of following shows a certain level of authority and influence of an account.

Below we will show you how to do a massive unfollow and whether it is worth doing it.

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Can I massively unfollow everyone?

No official Twitter directive or information says you cannot massively unfollow all your followers (or at least we could not find it anywhere).

However, the fact that there is nothing official does not mean that it cannot be counterproductive for your brand or profile to run out of followings from one moment to the next.

Unfollow on Twitter

In fact, if you do it abruptly, there will likely be many accounts that will unfollow you, and in the end, you will return to almost the same place where you started.

Is it convenient to stay with a few followings?

There is nothing wrong with having few followings; in fact, many accounts do not give almost no follow to other profiles and still have many followers.

So if you got most of your followers organically, you can stop following them without problems.

unfollow mass Twitter

Although there will always be someone who can get angry and unfollow you, they will be the exception and not the rule.

But, luckily there are more effective methods to perform this massive unfollow, which I will tell you more about later.

Pros of unfollowing everyone on Twitter

The main advantages are as follows:

✔️Increase the authority of your profile at a glance.

  • Seeing an account with many followers and few following shows that it is an account that generates adhesion in the community, and you have something to say.

✔️It will open doors to generate business as an influencer.

  • If you become a person with many followers, have a good interaction and keep your audience expectant, then you can easily get your first job as an influencer. If that’s what you want, of course.

✔️ You will be able to sell your service or products more effectively and of course, affiliates.

  • If you have a community and a target audience, you can offer what you want and get paid for it.

✔️ You will have a more attractive profile to receive follow back.

  • If you send a follow, the person will likely open your profile to see who you are. That’s when he will see that you are a person who follows a few users, and it will make him feel exclusive.

✔️You will generate more interactions with your users.

  • Likewise, it is possible that more users will be attracted to comment, like or share your tweets.

Some cons

❌ Your profile will look less natural if you stop following a large number of followers from one moment to the next

❌ Many will unfollow you when they see that you did a massive unfollow

❌ If you have few followers and you run out of followings, you can stop being credible.

Mass unfollow on Twitter: 3 ways

Finally, let me show you the right way to do this.

1. Use Owlead Unfollow Power-Up

With this Owlead feature, you can perform a mass unfollow in a controlled, intelligent and strategic way, allowing you to get all its benefits and escape its disadvantages safely.

Owlead mass unfollow

This is because, with the Unfollow Power-Up, you can configure and select precisely who you want to unfollow automatically.

You will be able to send to the unfollow queue according to the following criteria:

  • Following you/not following you
  • Verified account/unverified account
  • Does it have a profile picture or not
  • When they last published
  • The number of followers they have
  • The amount of following they

You can use all these filters to be very precise when unfollowing accounts.

Unfollow with owlead

It will be done progressively to avoid possible algorithmic crashes or many of those followers unfollowing you.

This is the best option to mass unfollow on Twitter without a doubt.

And why is this the best?

Because this tool doesn’t take any risks.

Many tools use an extremely risky and automated way of mass unfollowing, others tools can only do it manually (that’s boring and SLOW).

We use a secure hybrid method.

2. Unfollow manually in a natural way

The manual way may be the most effective way to do it, although it is undoubtedly the most time-consuming and laborious.

If you have a small number of following, say 500, you can filter which accounts you are no longer interested in following, and you will have it ready in a couple of hours.

However, if there are thousands, it will be a titanic method.

mass unfollow on twitter

Therefore, it is recommended for those accounts with a small number of followings.

3. Be careful with Chrome Extensions

There are many Chrome extensions that serve or at least claim to serve to unfollow profiles you follow on Twitter.

While some are better than others, you must be very careful when choosing one, as they can generate too many problems, both at the account level and at the level of security of your private and personal data.

That is why we do not recommend this type of use.

Prevention is better than cure.


When it comes to increasing the authority and influence of your Twitter profile, it is good to have a followers/following ratio, in which the former has a much higher number of followers than the latter.

This will make your profile resemble those of influencers or “famous” people, in which ratios of x10, x20, x100, x1000 or even more are seen.

Massively deleting your following can be risky, not only because your followers will surely notice it but also because many of them will stop following you when they see that you are no longer following them.

In addition to this, you may also be affected by your reputation and credibility as a brand.

But, this would not happen if the unfollow is done strategically, segmented and gradually, something that you can achieve with Owlead’s Unfollow Power-up method thanks to its numerous filters and its automated way of working.

With this tool, you can choose to stop following only those accounts that do not follow you, or only those that do not have a profile picture, just to name a few examples.

This way, you will avoid following accounts that do not follow you or accounts of low value.

What do you think about massively unfollowing on Twitter? Have you ever done it?