How to make money on Twitter

A definitive guide on how to monetize any Twitter account

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Do you want to know how to make money on Twitter?

Other social media platforms are good, but Twitter is amazing.

Most of the articles that you’ll find out there talking about how to “Make money on Twitter” won’t actually teach you how to make money on Twitter.

Some of them go over the basic stuff; creating an account, gaining followers, etc.

Others give you strategies and link to platforms that don’t work anymore and some want to teach you how to drive traffic to your email marketing list or website… awesome but, what then?

In this post, you won’t find things likewhy you should have a Twitter account“, “why Twitter is a great social media platform for your brand” or “how you can use some outdated platforms to sell your tweets“.

Instead, we did our best to dissect three Twitter money-making strategies that we know are driving revenue to different types of accounts.

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Keep with me…

Table of contents – How to Make Money on Twitter

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Strategies to make money on Twitter

There are different ways to monetize a Twitter account, but each strategy will work differently for every account depending on:

  • The number of followers.
  • Product to sell.
  • Brand recognition.
  • Industry.

While we go through every strategy, we’ll address what type of account that particular strategy applies to.

Also, we’ll walk you through a specific strategy that works even for accounts that are just starting on Twitter.

Let’s dive right into our first strategy, hold tight while I show you the frameworks used by lots of Twitter accounts to reap the rewards of your timeline.

Sponsored Tweets are amazing.

Eligible for accounts with:

  • Number of followers: high (100.000+)
  • Product to sell: no need.
  • Brand recognition: high.
  • Industry: any.
  • Income potential: $$$

All right, it sounds simple… Charge for your tweets… but it’s not.

Selling your timeline as a billboard to promote third-party products/services requires you to have a large number of engaged followers.

Sponsored tweets don’t apply to newbies since it will take you months/years to gain a vast amount of followers to attract advertisers to promote your account.

Now, if you have a large audience of engaged followers and want to try this tactic.

Here you have a couple of sites that will help you connect with advertisers already interested in paying accounts like yours to spread the word of a new product/service release: ( they have been connecting brands with ambassadors on social media since 2009. As a creator, you can get in touch with them (it seems they don’t have a signup register form) to be considered as an ambassador. Based on the number of followers and engagement; advertisers can pick your profile to advertise their campaigns.

SponsoredTweets ( as an influencer, the platform works based on the same premise as; you create a profile directly on the platform, and brands can search for your profile based on keywords, location, demographics of your audience, and more. From the brand’s perspective, this platform seems to be powerful with tons of filters to pick the perfect influencer for their campaign. So, be sure to have a completed and appealing profile inside SponsoredTweets, adding work examples, and other relevant information to your profile to increase exposure.

Paidpertweet ( although the core feature is the same as the other platforms described above, Paidpertweet has a marketplace look and feel where without being signed in you can analyze the profiles and prices that influencers are charging to promote their products. Searching on the platform, you can dig into the categories and see if your account applies and compare your account with other accounts registered there, to understand if your account qualifies and can attract brands to run campaigns with your tweets.

Deal directly with brands (manual): you probably already love certain brands and products. Promoting things you are a fan of puts you ahead of other accounts. Real love can’t be faked, if your followers see your ad and also see you using the product/service in casual tweets, the brand campaign has more chances of being successful. Now, want to promote the products you love? Directly contacting the brand, it’s a great way to avoid middle commissions by third-party platforms. Go ahead and reach out!

Last but not least about sponsored content, bear in mind that you’ll be engaging with brands and according to FTC you have to disclose your relationship with the brand.

It’s not enough to put a hashtag with #ad on your tweet, you have to make crystal clear your relationship with the brand to be an influencer and stay on the right side of the law.

These sponsored tweets tactic could be the wheel to start moving your account too.

Sell your Knowledge

Eligible for accounts with:

  • The number of followers: any.
  • Product to sell: needed.
  • Brand recognition: high in your niche (you can build it from scratch).
  • Industry: any.
  • Income potential: $$$$$

Social media platforms demand knowledge.

We’ve dug into the accounts that are leaving a dent in the Twitter industry and monetizing like never before.

First things first, the most amazing thing about this monetization strategy on Twitter is that you don’t need followers, or engagement either, to start.

You can build your Twitter presence from scratch and start reaping the rewards of Money Twitter.

Here’s the deal: if you know any field or industry, you can start monetizing it right now on Twitter.

Now, you might be wondering: how can I monetize what I already know from a specific niche?

Identify your Value Creation Source (VCS)

Now, the cornerstone of monetization is:

“Add value helping others accomplish their goals.”

And everyone wants what you are trying to learn right now, how to generate an income stream.

So, if you are already mastering some kind of knowledge that can add value for others, you already have a Value Creation Source.

Now, can I monetize a Value Creation Source from any industry/niche?

Yes, you can! If it’s working for you, you have to figure out how it will work for others.

Don’t believe me?

Check these examples of accounts that are helping other folks out there create value based on their experience:

@CJ_Johnson17th – Stock market, build online brands.
@dvassallo – Amazon web services, build a profitable following on Twitter.
@SEOKeval – Search engine optimization.
@LifeMathMoney – Life wisdom.
@joserosado – Build online brands, life hacks.
@lawrencekingyo – Make money on Twitter.
@ashleyj9358 – Flipping pallets.
@TheEmilyDyson – Master Pinterest.
@NoTimeZone_ – Travel on a low budget.
@toddbillion – Vending machine business, stock market, build online brands.

Twitter users love these influencers and brands.

You should check out those killers’ Twitter profiles.

Now, you know what a value creation source is and that guys are using this framework for nearly any niche.

But, you can’t keep offering your value creation source on a one-on-one basis (eg. selling your time), that’s not scalable.

“You need to scale your Value Creation Source.”

How do you scale it?

Package your Value Creation Source

Here is the kicker: don’t trade time for money.

You have to put your knowledge into bits; an ebook, webinar, series of videos, course, or some other format that lets you reach millions and not sell on one-on-one.

Now, take a look at the accounts described above and you’ll realize one common thing that all of them share when delivering their wealth creation; they packed their knowledge in a format that can be easily distributed.

They don’t spend their time on distribution no matter if there are one or one million customers to serve.

Here is where you have to be creative and learn from the market how your content will be easiest to consume; which could be creating an ebook, videos addressing one topic at a time, or a complete course inside a third-party platform like Teachable.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, mimic what type of content is working for other creators, and apply it to your Value Creation Source.

Give away some of your knowledge

Great, you have packed your knowledge into consumable parts. What then?…

Now you are a step closer to starting to build your Twitter money-making empire, but how do you prove that your content will help others by creating value?

Your prospects need to taste some of what you are offering before committing to a large disbursement.

If you were selling software, this would be as simple as giving away a free trial.
So, what would be the “free trial” of your packed knowledge? Free content!

Give away advice, how? Simple, check these examples:

keval's tweet

jose rosado's tweet

cj's tweet

jordan's tweet


“A tactic without a framework is worthless.”

Make sure that you give away some of your tactics along with your results, but without disclosing your entire framework.

And that brings us to the next tactic…

Share social validation with your audience

Awesome, people are buying what you are tweeting… but they might be asking:

How do I know that your framework will work for someone like me that is starting from ground zero?

Social validation is crucial to convince the doubters that what you will deliver will be as successful for them as it is for you.

You need to encourage your supporters to share what they have achieved with your help.

Fancy website testimonials are great, but doubters will be doubters and they can think that those testimonials could not be 100% real.

Want to know the best part?

The best social validation is real print screens, the more natural, the better.

Some really good examples:


cj's validation referencesdvasallo validation

lawrence's validation

marcus validation


Also, what you are achieving with your knowledge is good validation.

Show that you practice what you preach:

Daniel Vassallo earnings Gumroad CJs dividen income wealth dad's investments


Cross-promote with other creators

Most of the Twitter creators that are selling their knowledge on Twitter are awesome people.

They are interconnected with each other, constantly sharing wisdom and cross-promoting their stuff.

Also, they take cross-promotion to another level by referencing their craft along with products from other creators.

This cross-promotion isn’t free, for every sale that you drive to another creator, you are earning a commission (see Affiliate Marketing section below).

How can you do cross-promotion?

Use Linktree to display your products and your referral products from a single link:

linktree example

Participate in Follow Friday shoutouts and drive followers to other creators profiles:


Coby's tweet

Intervene in conversations where you feel that promoting other products could be valuable:


Intervene tweets to cross promote

Interact with bigger accounts in your niche

When you are starting, one Twitter metric that you should put focus on is Impressions.

You need your words to be spread across other timelines to build your brand.

One tactic that will give you a boost is interacting with accounts with a larger following base than yours.

A foundation from a bigger account can make it so you reach new accounts, and also that interaction then appears as an endorsement of your tweet:

liked tweet

Take the time to engage with bigger accounts in your niche and focus on getting more impressions.

Tweet impressions lead to visits to your profile, visits to your profile lead to visits to the link in your bio, and the links in your bio directly to your value creation source.

Impressions > Visits at your profile > Visits at the link in your bio > Visits at your offer > Convert

Reach your target audience at scale

This strategy to get money on Twitter indeed works for accounts that are just starting.

But, as long as you have a larger and more engaged audience it will be easier to sell your product and you’ll have more prospects to serve.

Manually master before automating, in this case, that means this tactic to growth hack your Twitter account will work as long as you know who and where your customer persona is.

After you’ve gained organic followers, you can take your follower’s growth to another level.

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“When growing your audience, quality matters.”

That’s why inside the platform, you’ll have an analytics dashboard to see your follower’s growth, the profile of your followers, and how the gained followers are interacting with your content.

Don’t take shortcuts, and don’t fall into the trap of buying followers. Trust has to be earned.

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Create Scarcity

Twitter users love scarcity.

Scarcity refers to a basic economic problem: the gap between limited resources and theoretically limitless wants.

So, in theory, your product by itself doesn’t have scarcity; you are selling packed knowledge that could be easily distributed to millions of people.

You might be wondering: why should I create scarcity if I can deliver my craft without limits?

“Scarcity makes people take action”

When someone detects scarcity it tends to precipitate the action, they don’t want to lose your offer if it won’t be available soon.

How can you create scarcity? Check these examples 👇

Limit the availability quantity:

limit the quantity availability

Limit the availability time:

limit the time availability

Reward your early supporters

When you start to serve an audience and they realize that you are delivering what you promise, you should start learning about their needs around your product to pack and sell new knowledge for them.

Maintaining a customer is between 5 to 25 dollars cheaper than acquiring a new one, you should focus on creating more resources for your current customers.

Want to know if they are willing to pay for new packed knowledge from you? Here is where pre-sales start to get interesting.

You’ve listened to your audience, learned what they need and you want to close the gap between I want this with I will pay for this.

Use pre-sales and reward your early supporters

What is a pre-sale? Selling before having the asset created – you are giving a nice discount to those that already believe in you and are eager to support your work.

It’s a win-win situation, your audience will be acquiring a new product with a considerable discount and you’ll be creating a safety net for the invested time in creating your new product.

Pre-launch example ed latimore


pre-launch example devin mcdermott

Affiliate Marketing

Eligible for accounts with:

  • Number of followers: any
  • Product to sell: no need
  • Brand recognition: medium in the affiliate niche
  • Industry: any industry
  • Income potential: $$

The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have a product to start reaping the rewards of getting money from Twitter.

Some of the tactics described in the Sell your Knowledge strategy also applies to accounts that want to monetize their Twitter accounts via affiliate sales.

The potential income of selling affiliate products compared with selling your product on Twitter is lower, however, it’s a good way to create a nice “passive income” stream without the hassle of managing a product (product creation, support, refunds, etc).

The process of selling third-party products is simple, share links from products created by others and get a commission for every sale converted through your affiliate link.

Although the process is simple, generating trust behind your Twitter account to convince others to purchase through your affiliate link is not an easy task.

Trust has to be earned, so one key piece of advice about selling affiliate products is:

“Promote the products you use and trust.”

It’ll be easier and feel more natural to promote products you’ve tried that are already helping you achieve your goals.

Be close to the Twitter creators

Cultivate a closer relationship with the creators of your affiliate product and see how your Twitter followers go up thanks to that.

As long as you drive sales for them, you can ask for some special treatment for your audience; exclusive discounts, exclusive access to new products, and shoutouts of your account.

If you know the needs of your audience, both of you (creator and affiliate) can get the most out of monetizing your Twitter accounts even more.

Promote several products within the platform

Don’t be tied to one product, you can promote several products from different creators in the Twitter knowledge field.

Twitter users can promote several products at the same time.

Check these examples of users that are making the most out of their account promoting not 1 or 2, but up to 10 different products, from different creators.

linktree example

Use affiliate sales as a first step on the ladder

Promoting other products could be used as a secure first step before committing to creating your own products.

Therefore, when you discover that you have a profitable audience that is resonating with the products you promote, you should take the next step and package your knowledge to sell.

Use affiliate marketing as a market research tool to identify what value-creation sources are converting more and take it to the next level by creating your own product!

If you have website traffic thanks to SEO, Twitter Ads or another social media tactic, then affiliate marketing may be no stranger to your strategies.

Don’t forget to optimize your Twitter profile too. Your Twitter profile is your business card, you need to have a very good picture and a very complete description of your job/work.

(And of course, a Twitter blue badge could help too!)

Are you ready to make money on Twitter then?

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms right now.

If you want to make money on Twitter then take notes of each and every one of these tips.

That’s it for now, we know that are more strategies out there to monetize your Twitter account.

However, we think that the ones described above are ones that can be implemented right away for different types of accounts.

Maybe, one last piece of advice we can give about making money on Twitter is this: Focus on growing your account and gaining Twitter followers, money will come later.

And of course, if you want to grow your Twitter followers count don’t forget to check Owlead 🙂