How to increase your Twitter engagement organically (in 2023)

If you are worried about the low interaction generated by your tweets, don't worry, here we will show you how to increase the engagement rate step by step.

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You must be bored of seeing hundreds of profiles with an overwhelming number of followers, yet the best of their posts barely get more than 3 clicks.

You’re afraid of becoming a giant dead account that all it has is a dumb number of followers, but you can’t monetize or leverage its audience.

That’s why Twitter interactions are the proper metric to understand if a Twitter account has potential or not.

Below you will see a helpful guide of the things we did to increase our engagement running several Twitter accounts.

Let’s get it.

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What does engagement mean on Twitter, and why is it so important?

Engagement is the repercussion generated by your publications on Twitter. In other words, when we talk about engagement, we refer to all the interactions that users make around your tweet.

A tweet can receive different types of interactions, such as likes, retweets, quotes, and replies, which we will see later on.

Twitter interactions

The more engagement your posts get, the more you will benefit from Twitter’s algorithm, showing your posts to more users.

But perhaps that’s not the most important benefit; you will start to be a voice of influence in your industry, you will increase your personal or business brand, and sooner or later, you will be able to get more tangible results from your audience.

Be it more sales of products or services, qualified leads, even a new job, media interviews or whatever goals your type of account is pursuing.

Types of engagements (interactions) on Twitter

There are many actions that your audience can take to interact with your tweet or thread.

The most common ones are usually the like, RT and comment, but many others are also interesting.

Let’s go through them one by one.


Likes are usually the most used interaction. It is represented by a heart and often indicates that a tweet or reply is to your liking.

Therefore, the more likes your tweets receive, the more your audience will have liked them, and consequently, you can create similar tweets to please your followers.

2. Retweets y quotes

Retweets are a significant type of interaction since a user shares your content because they found it exciting or simply think the same way you do.

It is one of the best interactions since that retweet will allow your publication to be shown to their followers and thus will become exponentially visualized as the number of retweets increases.

twitter engagement

Quotes are even better, as the user who RTs it adds an extra comment to it.

Whether it’s an “I totally agree”, something sarcastic or thanks for that valuable content.

3. Mentions

Another important interaction is mentioned.

You can be quoted within your tweets to ask a more direct question, or you can be quoted from other profiles.

They are usually quite interesting as they are often used to recommend accounts.

However, they can also mention you to complain about your service or a problem that needs to be solved.

4. Replies

Comments or replies are, as the name says, a comment written on the tweet in question.

They are fascinating since the fact that someone takes the time to write a personalized response to your tweet and not a like or RT that is just a push of a button says a lot about your publication.

It did not go unnoticed and generated reactions that merited a special comment to your tweet.

A post with dozens or hundreds of comments can skyrocket your interaction rate.

Try, however, that the comments generated are mostly positive and not an accumulation of insults or complaints.

5. Clicks

There are several types of clicks; the most important are the following.

The clicks that take users to your profile are called “User profile clicks” and are very good because the user is interested in knowing who created or replied to a tweet.

There are also the “Links clicks”, all those clicks that lead to an external site, whether it is a click on a URL that leads to a product, a news item or any other URL outside Twitter.

Finally, there are the “Permalink clicks”, those clicks made on the permalink of each specific tweet.

Clicks made on multimedia content to see more details of the tweet, and clicks on hashtags, among others, are also counted.

6. Impressions

Impressions are the number of times your tweet was shown on Twitter.

Therefore, if a user sees your tweet 2 times, then 2 impressions will be counted.

Twitter engagement ratio

They are always the interaction with the highest number since, for obvious reasons, you must first see it before interacting with a tweet.

7. Other interactions

There are other important types of interactions in addition to those mentioned above.

Some of them are the DM’s or private messages received, the times it was shared via email, leads submitted, bookmarks, video views, and app open, among others.

How can I calculate my Twitter engagement rate?

According to the official Twitter Analytics source, the engagement rate is calculated as the number of (engagements/impressions) *100.

By engagements, Twitter means the following:

engagement rate official

Therefore you can check the engagement rate per tweet:

Engagement rate tweet

O bien verlo de manera general en los últimos 28 días.

Engagement rate general

According to Adobe and RivalIQ, a 0.5% to 1% engagement rate is expected, and more than 1% would already be very good.

How to get more engagement on Twitter

However, you can continually improve your engagement rate, even more so when the numbers are pretty low.

For this, we show you some tips you can implement in your profile.

1. Know your niche and your audience

The starting point to improve your interactions on Twitter is to know your audience and your target audience very well.

Your followers are your starting point, as they will filter your tweet and show the Twitter algorithm if your content deserves to be shown more or is just another tweet that doesn’t deserve any highlighting.

engagement twitter

If you notice that your followers start sharing, commenting and liking them, you can begin to buckle your seat belts because we don’t know how far it could go.

It is important to clarify that a tweet can go viral and have endless interactions, but if it is not helpful for your niche or sector, it will be useless to you.

2. Publish frequently and strategically

Posting one week at full throttle and then spending 2 months communicating absolutely nothing is not at all beneficial or helpful to your profile.

It can even be counterproductive since an account that shows no interaction for weeks will surely fall out of Twitter’s consideration.

That is why you should publish strategically, schedule your content, and always choose varied types of tweets that provide value to your followers.

Try to conquer more audiences with your tweets, and never deviate too much from your account’s essence.

3. Take inspiration from what already works but be original.

Observing competitors’ tweets to get ideas is one of the most used practices in the marketing world ever.

It’s also a great strategy to get inspiration from posts that seem to be doing well.

Twitter engagement rate

But please, don’t just copy what others are doing.

Be original and give it your personal touch or the touch of your brand or business to make it unique.

4. Questions, polls, tweet templates…

If all else fails, it’s time to turn to interaction callers.

Sweepstakes, questions to your followers, polls and the so successful tweet templates will surely be of great help.

These are usually the types of tweets that perform best in this regard.

But if that’s not enough, it’s time to resort to some interesting thread you can create.

If you see that nothing works to increase the interaction of your account, don’t give up and keep posting.

Sometimes the reward comes after a while of rock-hard work.


You need interactions.

Since an account can have hundreds, thousands or even millions of followers, but that doesn’t really show the power of influence that an account has on this social network.

That’s what interactions are for. They show how influential the profiles are on Twitter.

An account with 100 thousand followers but barely receives 1 or 2 likes per tweet is not worth admiring, much less an account that can generate business.

On the other hand, an account with 5 thousand followers but every tweet it creates is filled with comments, likes and RTs, is an influential account and one from which you can get many benefits.

In this sense, whether you are in the first position, in the second, or even just starting, you must know how to improve the engagement rate of your profile organically.

To do this, follow our tips and continue even if it seems that, at first, it does not pay off.