How long does Twitter Blue verification take?

Are you subscribing to Twitter Blue and eager for the blue check? Here we will tell you how long the verification process takes.

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If you are considering opting for Twitter Blue’s benefits and subscribing to its plan, you should remember that it is not an automated process.

Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he has done his best to end fake accounts, bots and misinformation, and that is why profiles that want to opt for the blue badge must go through a manual identity review.

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This article will tell you more about the verification process and its timing.

Let’s get it.

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How long must I wait to see my Blue check on Twitter?

Before answering, it is essential to clarify that no official information to date confirms how long it takes to verify a profile.

However, Elon Musk has hinted in reply to a tweet that the verification process takes about 7 days.

Who better than the owner of Twitter to answer this question?

He clarifies this because the review is carried out by a person and not automatically.

How long twitter blue verifation take

Here you can read Elon’s answer to the question asked by a user on this topic.

However, we have also asked Owlead users how long the verification has taken them, and the most repeated answers are between 6 and 7 days.

So if you anxiously await approval, in less than 1 week, you will have the answer and will undoubtedly wear the blue badge.

Believe me, Twitter Blue is worth the wait.

But, to make the wait more bearable, we bring you below the list of items the reviewer checks.

Check them well to calm your anxiety.

What review is performed before receiving the blue checkmark?

The review for approval on Twitter Blue is standardized according to Twitter’s official website.

In summary, to be approved, your account must have the following:

  • a display name and a profile picture;
  • your account must be at least 30 days old (previously 90 days);
  • you must have a confirmed phone number;
  • your account cannot be misleading; this means that you may not have changed your profile picture, display name or username recently (time is not specified);
  • your account cannot appear to be misleading
  • your account cannot appear in the Platform manipulation and spam.

You should have no problem accessing the verification if you meet the requirements.

Also, remember that you must pay at least one month’s subscription to access the review.

How long verification twitter blue

You should also know that once verified; if you make any changes to your username, display name or profile picture, you will temporarily lose the blue check until your account is re-verified.

What do I do if 30 days have passed and I haven’t heard back from Twitter?

If, for some reason, 15, 20 or 30 days have passed and you have not received a response from Twitter, which would be rare, but as it is a manual review, it can happen with peaks of requests, it is recommended that you send a message to technical support or contact Twitter.


Verifying your account in the Twitter Blue service is done manually once you have requested and paid for the subscription.

Therefore, it is not immediate, and it will take about a week to confirm the relevance to the blue badge group.

Before submitting your application, please make sure you strictly check that you meet all the prerequisites that will be reviewed.

Your account must not look misleading, must be more than 30 days old and must have a name and profile picture are some of the main requirements to apply and be approved for Twitter Blue.

If you meet all of them, you need to have a little patience to enjoy the privileges of Twitter Blue.

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