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Everything you need to know about Twitter auto follow.

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Two possible scenarios for you landing here:

Option A – You are a novice on Twitter and are looking for a Twitter strategy to get Twitter followers and start reaping the rewards of your Twitter account. Keep reading, you’ll find how you can skyrocket your followers with our Twitter auto follower.

Option B – After going back and forth trying several Twitter tactics you’ve realized that following other accounts is the most effective tactic to gain new followers. Now, you are looking for Twitter automation to save precious time. TL/DR: start a 10-day FREE trial in our Twitter growth service now!

Either way, if you are here to get the most out of Twitter auto-follow, this post is definitely for you!

Following other accounts isn’t just the most effective way to get Twitter followers, it’s also the most thrifty strategy to market your product on Twitter.

We’ve tested it. Our platform can gain you, new followers, for less than 4000% in comparison with Twitter ads.

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Yep, FOUR THOUSAND %. If you are buying or considering buying, Twitter ads, you’ll leave money on the table (don’t even mention buying Twitter followers, it’s a waste of time and money).

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Twitter auto follow strategy.

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Why follow other accounts on Twitter?

Social media channels are there for you to try them out, size the cost of acquiring new leads and get the most out of them, and Twitter isn’t an exception.

While using Twitter you’ll have to take care of the following tasks to make your account stand out from the rest of the 330 million active accounts through:

Content: creating outstanding content.
Engagement: engaging (liking, replying) with other bigger/influencer accounts.
Promoting: following other Twitter accounts (instead of buying Twitter ads).

You might be wondering: Shall I blend these tasks? The answer: heck yes!

Let’s start from the beginning: creating good content should be the cornerstone of your Twitter marketing strategy.

I mean it. Nobody will follow an account that is not adding value with its tweets, period.

So, if you are here for the long run and want to consider Twitter as a marketing channel, you should be creating compelling and engaging content for your audience.

Engagement is the essence of the platform you’ll need, and you’ll have to engage with your audience to gain traction.

Twitter is a two-way communication platform, just throwing your 280 character tweets to the universe won’t make people engage with you.

You have to engage with your peers and your audience. Immerse yourself in the conversations around the topics of your industry or hijack some public viral moments to let the world know that you’re there.

Last but not least, promoting your account should also be a part of your Twitter strategy.

“Create good content, engage with the right audience and promote your account.
Rinse and repeat.”

Promoting your account means that you tell others you’re there, creating awesome content and offering value with your tweets.

Raise your hand, tap their shoulder and say, “‘Hey, people, I’m here and I have good stuff for you.”

How can you tackle this?

The Expensive Option -> buy Twitter Ads.

Buying Twitter Ads, the final aim of any of the social platforms.

They live and die by their ads and you have more chances to die than live by buying them.

But here is a crazy thing: you can go back to the roots when there weren’t ads to buy…how did we stand out with our peers back then?

Following other accounts!

The Thrifty Option, follow other accounts.

Social media platforms will tell you that this strategy is: bad for you, bad for your reputation, you are a spammer, and almost guilty of committing a crime.

Want to know the best part? The only crime you’ll be committing will be this:

“Saving a large amount of money promoting your brand.”

That’s right, they won’t like this.

You’ll be taking the value of their platform without spending a single dime on ads.

This is negative for them, their business and they will try to tell you that you are on the dark side.

But, bear in mind that following other accounts as a strategy to stand out on Twitter has to be applied following some common-sense rules, to make it effective and avoid being a spammer.

What are these common-sense rules that will make this strategy work for you?

Here you have them:

  • Creating good content and engaging are the first steps before committing to follow other accounts, don’t forget it!
  • Segment your audience, don’t follow everyone! Find out where your ideal audience is on Twitter.
  • Start slow and don’t be too aggressive. Too many actions a day will raise Twitter attention and that’s not good for your Twitter account.

Convinced that following other accounts is rewarding?

Stay with me to learn how you can apply this strategy.

How to follow other accounts on Twitter?

Now, you are convinced that following other Twitter accounts should be in your Twitter marketing strategy.

How can you implement this right away?

Manually following other Twitter accounts

We always give this advice:

“Mastering before automating.”

That principle applies to every action of your life.

Master first what you want to automate later.

That’s how we created Owlead, we mastered Twitter following and automated it later.

Learning manually who to follow and when to follow will lay the groundwork for the automation process.

When segmenting the audience on Twitter you’ll have the following data points that will help you define which are the best accounts for you:

  • Profile picture: avoid following users with default profile picture.
  • Follower count: don’t follow Twitter accounts that are just starting.
  • Bio: find keyword patterns of your ideal audience.
  • Last tweet: don’t follow dormant accounts.
  • Hashtags: avoid spam Twitter accounts that misuse this feature.

Performing a manual following process can be very tiring, in fact you will have to be on Twitter actively following, seeing which accounts follow you back and finally cleaning those profiles that you are not interested in following.

The auto follow on the other hand will give you all this process automatically, without you having to do absolutely nothing more than connect your Twitter account.

Let’s see what Twitter Auto Follow is all about.

Automatically follow other accounts

And here we are, now that you’ve mastered the process of following other Twitter accounts you’re ready to step aside and let our Twitter marketing tool auto-follow accounts on your behalf.

Owlead has already helped more than 5,000 Twitter users in more than 10 different countries grow their audience, the right way.

Owlead is a Twitter automation that emulates human behavior and saves you precious time while gaining real and targeted Twitter followers.

The platform segments an audience based on your filtering criteria along with our artificial intelligence algorithm and handles the following and unfollowing tasks on autopilot.

Respecting Twitter limits is crucial, that’s why we promise steady and non-stop growth but don’t expect an overnight success of 1,000,000 new followers. That’s not how Owlead works

That’s the magic of the auto follow.

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Why should you auto follow accounts on Twitter?

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend 2-3 hours per day following and unfollowing Twitter accounts to promote their stuff.

You can, and should, do it to master the strategy, but after you’ve mastered this, you have to step aside and configure Twitter follower bot that works even better for you.

Owlead has been improving for the past 5 years to help find the best audience for your product/service. The platform has internal filters to detect active Twitter accounts that are most prone to follow back to you.

So first, manually master this strategy and after that leave the growth hacking of your Twitter account to Owlead.

What to do if they don’t follow back?

As we mentioned earlier, the following/follower ratio has an impact on your follow back ratio.

If you have more Following than you have followers, that will harm your reputation with your potential followers.

Here’s the deal: following other accounts is a key strategy to promote your Twitter account, but you have to take care of the unfollowing to maintain a safe following/follower ratio.

Owlead also takes care of the unfollowing tasks on autopilot.

Based on your settings, the platform will unfollow the accounts previously followed who don’t follow back so you don’t have to worry.

Isn’t our Twitter Auto Follow tool a marvel?

What’s the average return of Twitter auto follow?

At this point you might be wondering:

“What return can I expect with this strategy?”

Let’s start defining how to measure the success or failure of this strategy, and that means defining Twitter follow back ratio.

Twitter follow back ratio is the ratio of accounts that are following you back based on the number of accounts you’ve followed:

Follow Back Ratio Calculation

So, the higher this percentage the better!

Now that we’ve defined the metric to measure the success of this strategy, what is good, average, and bad follow back ratios?

That my friend, depends on several factors that can be separated into two categories:

On-profile Factors -> Those related to your profile account.

  • Profile picture
  • Cover image
  • Bio
  • Following/Follower ratio
  • Pinned Tweet
  • Last Five Tweets
  • URL
  • Localization

Filtering Factors -> Those related to your target criteria.

  • Filter unwanted Twitter accounts
  • Find your target audience

We did our homework, but we weren’t able to find conclusive data about good, average, and bad follow back ratios out there.

That’s why we’ve conducted a study within our customers so you can have a reference.

Without further ado, here you have the details:

Highest Follow Back Ratio: 37.95%
Average Follow Back Ratio: 13.72%
Lowest Follow Back Ratio: 2.17%

Want to get the most out of Twitter auto follower?

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Twitter Auto Follow is one of the most interesting and powerful features and strategies to grow on Twitter.

Owlead is one of the few Twiter Auto Follow tools that is efficient and works flawlessly.

In fact, every day there are fewer and fewer tools that serve this purpose.

But we should not be confused when it comes to growing on Twitter, the auto follow strategy is only part of the job.

The Twitter Auto Follow tool alone will not be enough, and you will have to accompany it with many other strategies.

It is useless if you auto follow an Twitter account and the person enters your profile and it does not look professional, if you talk about other topics without interest for your user, or simply if your profile does not match the size that users are looking for.

For that reason, you should be very clear about your goals and your Twitter strategy before or when you start with our Twitter Auto Follow tool.