18 Twitter tips to boost your profile (in 2023)

Interact more? Edit your bio? Yes, but there is way more Twitter tips to boost your profile and improve your experience on Twitter.

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Want to get the most out of Twitter? Then you need to check these Twitter tips and tricks!

Twitter is a valuable tool for connecting with people, and actually, unlike other platforms, Twitter users are more open to building connections with others, making it a perfect social media for finding like-minded individuals and initiating conversations with them. 

However, many users struggle to navigate the platform’s features and get lost in the noise. 

That’s why we will rescue you with some valuable Twitter tips and tricks.

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20 Twitter tips and tricks you wish you’d known about earlier

We have put together some Twitter tips that we think sometimes are overlooked in the  Twitter experience.

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1. Think first about the strategy and personality of your profile.

Your profile represents your brand, so have a clear strategy in mind. Determine the tone and personality of your brand, and make sure it shows on your profile.

Don’t be afraid to show yourself and your knowledge!

2. Publish often and consistently adding value

Consistency is key to building a following on Twitter

If you make some tweets and disappear for a month or two, you are more likely to be forgotten, even if your tweets have a good value.

There is a bunch of people waiting for good content, to learn things from your perspective, or even to be entertained by you.

It is simple, tweet frequently but add value. Don’t just tweet for the sake of tweeting.

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Best twitter tips

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4. Know your audience well, their schedules, their tastes, everything.

Understanding your audience is essential for creating content that resonates with them. 

Take the time to research their interests, schedules, and preferences, and tailor your tweets accordingly.

Sometimes it happens that you begin to gain followers from a different region or time zone, which may require adjusting your scheduling to better engage with your audience.

5. Respond to the comments from your followers

Responding to the comments and questions of your followers on Twitter is a great Twitter tip for new and experienced users, especially if your account is losing reach.

By engaging with your audience, you can increase your overall engagement rate and improve the algorithm of your account. 

Twitter tips_respond to messages

Additionally, it will help you to stay connected with your followers, which can build trust and loyalty over time.

This might even lead to some exciting collaborations or business opportunities in the future!

6. Mention users in your industry in your Tweets

Mentioning other users in your tweets can help you build relationships with influencers in your industry. It can also increase your visibility to their followers.

Twitter tips_mention other twitter accounts

It can also show you have industry knowledge and it will show you as an authority in the field.

Those mentions can provide valuable networking opportunities, connecting you with other professionals and potentially leading to new business or mentorship opportunities

7. RT Tweets and threads that can add value

Retweeting tweets and threads that are relevant to your audience can help new followers to know that you are there.

Let them know you have your point of view for that tweet or you can add some value to the thread, so retweet with a comment!

Twitter tips_retweet

Don’t forget you are also a content creator so you can retweet your own tweets.

But, when?

When your audience on Twitter is growing. On that point, you’ll likely have followers from different parts of the world. However, the lifespan of a tweet is relatively short, making it difficult to reach audiences in different time zones. 

That’s where retweeting comes in to increase their visibility and extend their lifespan.

8. Create giveaways with something useful to your followers

Hosting a giveaway with something useful to your followers is a great way to increase engagement rates and build a loyal following. 

Make sure the prize is relevant to your audience and promotes your brand.

9. Schedule tweets several times a day

Scheduling tweets several times a day can increase your visibility on the platform and improve your chances of reaching your audience. Make sure your tweets are spaced out and do not overlap with each other.

But without saturating your audience.

Find the right balance that works for you and your followers.

Oh! And keep this in mind: DO NOT SPAM!

10. It also schedules at least one value thread per week.

In addition to regular tweets, make sure to schedule at least one thread per week. 

Dig into your knowledge, take that tweet that has the potential to become a long thread, and spread the love of your skills to share them with the community.

Value threads provide in-depth information on a specific topic and can make someone remember you on that topic.

Never underestimate the power of threads, and even more, your own power!

11. Ask, ask, and ask

Asking questions is a great way to engage your audience and encourage interaction.

Twitter tips_ask questions

Try that these questions don’t bring a Yes or No for an answer. 

Ask questions that start with How, Why, or Which and you will see how the users with whom you interact give you answers with greater value that can contribute to the growth of your community.

12. Use tweet templates that don’t fail

Tweet templates are a great way to save time and ensure your tweets are consistent and on-brand. 

Make sure to personalize the template to fit your brand and audience

Check the Twitter templates blog post we wrote. It has some great examples!  

13. Get on board with trends but watch what you say

When it comes to engaging with your fans, a straightforward approach is to participate in ongoing discussions. 

One way to get started is to look for trending topics on Twitter, usually by hashtag research. Then, you can chime in when it’s suitable and join the conversation.

Don’t be afraid to join conversations that are not 100% relatable for your brand, you can find a way to make it relatable.

If you want to be more specific in your research of relevant conversations, we suggest using Twitter’s advanced search to do so.

14. Keep track of everything and make data work for you

Do you feel you are not interacting enough with your followers? 

But have you measured the interactions?

Keep track of your data to ensure monthly results and make decisions based on it. 

Additionally, this will allow you to analyze which type of content was better received by your audience, which one was retweeted the most, or which generated the most conversations.

This is when Twitter Analytics comes in.

It provides valuable insights about your audience, engagement rates, and the performance of your tweets. Use this data to improve your Twitter strategy.

So don’t rely just on your intuition when it comes to altering your Twitter strategy and make decisions based on data to improve your Twitter plan.

15. Share content from your website

Use Twitter cards to drive traffic to your website. 

Twitter tips_share your web

Twitter cards allow you to attach rich media to your tweets, such as images, videos, and links, making it easier to drive traffic to your website.

16. Get organized with Twitter lists

Lists allow you to group accounts of interest, like influencers you want to engage with or customers who follow you, making it easier to manage your feed.

We know that Twitter can be overwhelming with the amount of information that’s thrown at you all at once. 

However, by creating lists and organizing everyone into specific groups, you can establish a workflow that helps you prioritize your feed. 

Read the next content if you are interested in having good Twitter lists.

17. Your Bio says a lot about you. Have it optimized.

Don’t ever underestimate the first impressions.

Your Twitter bio is the first look everyone that decides to click on your profile will see and that can ensure (or not) if they will continue digging into your tweets.

Having it optimized means that it should have some basics as a must and some others to be on top!

Learn how to grow your Twitter account and receive good tips to have it just on point.

18. Run away from hate

This is probably one of the better Twitter tips we can give you:  avoid engaging with negative or hateful tweets.

When you interact with it this only gives them more power. 

Use the mute or block feature to prevent them from interacting with you.

Report any hate speech you come across to Twitter, and surround yourself with the accounts you actually want to follow.

You have the Twitter Tips, now it’s up to you.

Schedule, start or join conversations, choose your battles, and interact with profiles that resonate with you!

It will take time but also it will bring good results.

It’s all on you!