Twitter Automation

Owlead is a Twitter automation software to manage the following and unfollowing tasks, effortlessly. Gain from 150 to 1,500 new monthly Twitter followers per month. Start a free trial now.

Not just a Twitter Automation Bot

Owlead is a complete platform to automate the following and unfollowing tasks on Twitter and get the most of your Twitter audience in the process. Don't waste time buying Twitter followers, earn them!

Twitter following bot

Since 2015 Owlead has been evolving and learning how to get Twitter followers for our customers. Based on artificial intelligence and your filter criteria, the platform segments the perfect audience for you.

Target Audience

Auto clean up

The platform automatically follows the most valuable Twitter accounts that are following your competitors. You'll start gaining valuable followers thanks to the reciprocity principle. Also, our Twitter auto follow handles the clean-up process of the non-followers so you can keep a balanced followers/following ratio.

Save your time

Following a targeted audience pays off, but no one wants to spend 2-4 hours a day handling this task manually. That's where Owlead come in handy. Save precious time for the things that matter most for your business and let our Twitter marketing tool manage your account growth.


Monitor in real time

The platform includes a complete dashboard armed with data to: control your Twitter follow back ratio, daily and weekly growth, see the language and gender of your followers and the content that matters most to your audience. Monitor performance right from your desktop or mobile.

Twitter automation with healthy limits

Our main concern is the health of your account, that's why Owlead won't operate agressively. The platform emulates human behavior and operates on your behalf as if you were behind your mobile phone a couple of hours a day.

Customers already enjoying our Twitter automation

More than 5,000 customers served in more than 10 countries have tasted what is like to enjoy their precious time while using our twitter growth service.

"Owlead is a Twitter growth service that stands out for the usability and for the simple way to attract and get real Twitter followers for our customers."

Sebastián Motta

Sebastián Motta

Founder of Patricio

"Owlead definitely helped me to increase my Twitter followers without being spammy. I will keep it in mind for future client projects!"

David Verjano

David Verjano

Partner Beyond The Agency

"Owlead has given serious momentum to my Twitter account. I love how I can easily target my audience and tweak as needed to continually get the highest quality followers. It’s made such a significant impact on my business growth!"

Galadriel Grace

Galadriel Grace

Consultant Grace Notes LLC

"Owlead has been incredible for helping me attracting targeted Twitter followers. Unlike some of the other Twitter growth automations I tried, Owlead let me choose the exact type of audience I wanted to build."


Danny Quick

CEO Muze