Help & Resources

We want you to get the most out of Owlead and help get real Twitter followers. That's why we have compiled the best tips & tricks to use Owlead.

Giving Owlead Access to your Twitter Account

Owlead runs on autopilot in the background while you take care of your daily tasks. That's why the platform needs access your account to perform automated actions.

Although Owlead perform actions in your behalf, it does it emulating human behaviour and that's one of the key features of the platform. We've studied Twitter limits in the past 4 years and we honour their limits policy.

To give Owlead access to your Twitter account the platform will ask for your credentials. Your privacy is our main concern, Owlead doesn't store or save your credentials for any purspose (super promise).

Associate Twitter account with your credentials

You'll see a link on the left sidebar below your user profile picture, click there and a popup will emerge asking for your credentials. If you face any issue while associating your Twitter account, just ping us at

Warm up your Twitter account

If your Twitter account is brand new or if it has less than 50 followers, you'll need to warm it up first before using Owlead. Twitter is suspending temporally new accounts that associate apps (any app) before having some organic activity in your account.

So, to start using Owlead you'll need at least 50 organic followers and we also recommend (not mandatory but highly recommended) to have an active account with tweets, interactions and direct messages before starting using Owlead.

We take care of the security of your account that's why we allow the use of Owlead for those that meet this simple criteria, at least 50 organic followers in your Twitter account.

Creating a Campaign

It's very important the use of filters to maximize the follow back ratio. Here you'll finde some recommendations and best practices:

Search account

The followers of this account should be from your target audience. Ideally here you should use the account of a competitor, leader of your industry or an influencer.


Use the keywords that your potential followers use in their bio to identify themselves. e.g. if you try to search for digital marketing industry users, use;

marketing, digital, social media and so on.


Try using all the keywords related with the most common localization of your followers. e.g. if you want to search for followers from Miami;

Miami, MIA, Florida, and so on.


You can choose to filter based on gender between; women, men and others (brands, products, etc.).

Artificial Intelligence

Owlead applies an AI algorithm to filter for you the most active and attractive accounts on Twitter. Thanks to this filter Owlead won't follow inactive, dormant, inappropiate or spammy accounts.

After you hit Save your campaign will start running, you can pause it whenever you want. Owlead will narrow down an audience that meet your criteria and start following 50 users per campaign and unfollowing accordingly.

Advanced tips

Campaigns with your competitor

Remember that the technique that will generate a higher follow back ratio, is to use as a search account a competitor. If a Twitter account already follows your competitor, probably they will be interested in your content.

Just active campaigns

In your plan Owlead counts the amount of active campaigns. e.g. in your Starter Plan you can have 1 active campaign but you can switch between campaign on demand. You can pause and resume the campaigns on demand.

More than one campaign per search account

You can configure more than one campaign for the same search account. That means you can target different genders or keywords and see how each campaign is performing against the other.

Keyword ideas

In case you did't notice how to obtain new keywords for your campaigns, here you will find how:

📈 Below your campaigns you will find two charts with data from your followers:

Gender & Interests.

Those keywords that appear on the Interest Graph, are the ones more repeated over your followers. Your follow back ratio would perform better if you add those keywords to your campaigns.

Content Matters

We are going to help you narrowing an audience on Twitter so you can follow them easily but are you creating great content on Twitter?

The content it's an important piece to keep your followers engaged. If you don't publish valuable content constantly, probably you'll lose the followers you've gained with us.