Warm Up Process

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When you associate a Twitter account in Owlead, the platform will start operating on your behalf.

Although Owlead emulates human behavior, the automation will start working differently from how you were using your account.

So, to prevent raising Twitter attention we have a warm-up protocol for accounts with less than 300 followers.

How does it work? #

For accounts with less than 100 followers, Owlead will limit your daily follows to 27-30 accounts.

For accounts with more than 100 followers and less than 300 followers, Owlead will limit your daily follows to 108 accounts.

When your account hits the 300 followers mark, the warm-up protocol is removed and you can operate at full speed.

Owlead is constantly evolving to be a safe place for your Twitter account, that’s why we take these measures and help you lay the groundwork for your Twitter growth.