Twitter limited some of your account features

Lately, we’ve encountered the following message from Twitter for customers and non-customers accounts:

Twitter limited some of your account features

It seems that Twitter is playing around with this new limitation but they are still making mistakes since we are seeing a lot of accounts that are not running automation that gets this message.

A couple of clarifications about this message:

  • It’s not harmful to your account and currently, it isn’t related to a long term ban.
  • The limitation, in most of the cases, doesn’t last 3 days. They discard it the same day.
  • Some of our customers received these messages 2-3 times in a short span period of time and they are still using their account and gaining lots of followers with our service.

After this happens, your account will start the Cool Down Process (won’t follow for a 24-hour period) and after those initial 24 hours, the Warmup Process will be activated for your account.

If you receive this message, please:

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Keep using your account normally.
  3. Owlead will let you know if it needs more information from your side to keep running.