Hit a Following Limit

Sometimes your account hits a Twitter following limit, which means that Twitter is not letting your account follow more accounts at the moment.

This error usually happens in some of the following case scenarios:

  1. Has less than 200-300 followers and you’ve just recently started using Owlead.
  2. Daily actions surpassed Twitter limits.
  3. It’s close to hitting one of the know following/followers limits, those are having 2,500 friends without having 2,500 followers or having 5,000 friends without having 5,000 followers.
  4. The following/followers ratio is unbalanced.

Important: this error is not harmful to your account, your account is not at risk of being suspended.

After this happens, your account will start the Cool Down Process (won’t follow for a 24-hour period) and after those initial 24 hours, the platform will resume your campaign’s activity.

What else can you do to prevent this from happening again in each case? 

  1. If you have less than 200-300 followers you’ll just have to wait, the platform will take care of this and the Warmup process will help your account to gain followers at a slow pace at the beginning and increasingly add speed to that pace.
  2. Don’t massively follow/unfollow accounts while using Owlead. The platform knows how to handle Twitter limits, if you follow/unfollow while using the platform, you’ll be consuming daily actions and Owlead can’t know about this.
  3. If your account is close to the 2,500 or 5,000 following limit, Owlead will start the Purge Process, will notify you over email and, will start making space to keep following for you.
  4. If your following/followers ratio is unbalanced (more than 2.5) your account will start the Purge Process and also will notify you over email.

Doubts? Reach out at owl@app.uy