Follow Automation

Owlead is a Twitter auto-follow (and unfollow) platform to help you gain real and targeted Twitter followers.

Find here some of the most common question received regarding the following automation:

Does Owlead follow accounts on my behalf?

Yes, it does.

How does Owlead follow the accounts during the day?

Based on your settings and your timezone, Owlead will follow accounts emulating human behavior.

How long does it take the platform to start following?

The platform will start following as late as a business day after you signed up.

Is it possible for Owlead to attempt to follow the same account more than once?

No, it is not possible.

Can I manually follow accounts while Owlead I’m on a subscription plan with Owlead?

We suggest leaving the growth of your account just to Owlead since we know that we don’t surpass Twitter limits.