Create your first campaign

Owlead works based on campaigns. As you may notice, each plan has a different amount of campaigns, from 1 to 5.

What is a campaign? Simple, it’s a filter criterion the platform uses to find your target audience.

Available filters to create a campaign. #

Search Account #

The followers of this account should be from your target audience. Ideally, in this field you should use the Twitter account of a competitor, leader of your industry, or influencer.

Keywords in bio #

This is what we call a keyword sensitive filter and will take the words you put and compare it with the words in the bio of the followers from the search account.

Try to use the most common keywords that people use to describe who they are.


If you want to look for C-level executives Twitter users, use;

CEO, Chief Executive Officer, COO, CTO, and so on.

If you are going to use this filter, try to use as many keywords as possible (max. of 10). So, Owlead can find a sufficient amount of accounts with those specific keywords in the bio.

Language #

This filter matches the language you specified against the language of the last tweet of the accounts.

Localization #

This filter is also a keyword sensitive filter that looks for the keywords you’ve specified into the localization field of Twitter users.

Bear in mind that people use it this field in different (and rare) ways.


If you want to search for followers from Miami, use;

Miami, MIA, Florida, and so on.

This is one of the most «tricky» filters since it will require your effort and creativity trying to include an entire list of acronyms that users use to describe where they are.

Gender #

This filter is working with an internal algorithm that categorizes the accounts based on women, men, and others (brands, products, etc.). It has 90% reliability and we are constantly improving it.

What happens after creating a campaign? →