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Help for your campaigns

Creating your first campaign

It's very important the use of filters to maximize the follow back ratio. Here you'll finde some recommendations and best practices:

Search account

The followers of this account would be the followers on your scope, take a moment and study them to learn through wich keywords can you attract more valuable followers. Also, study how to create engaging content for them. If you create a campaign with an account with more than 30,000 followers, we'll only follow the first 30,000.


Try using all the keywords related with the most common localization of your followers. e.g. if you want to gain followers from Miami;

Miami, MIA, Florida, and so on.


Use the keywords that your potential followers use in their bio to identify themselves. e.g. if you try to gather digital marketing related users;

marketing, digital, social media and so on.


You can choose to follow based on gender between; women, men and others (brands, products, etc.). We are constantly improving this algorithm to make it even more accurate than Twitter itself.


We apply certain automatic filters to be sure you are following active accounts and those that probably will follow back to you.

After you hit Save your campaign will start automatically, you can pause it whenever you want. We'll follow Twitter users that meet your criteria, twice per day. On top left you'll find how much time left to the next following round.

If you have doubts with the filter you've configured, you can click on the link on Current Scope and see some Twitter profiles that we are going to follow, check if some of those users meet your filter criteria. Everytime you edit a campaign the Current Scope will update accordingly.

The content is the king, seriously!

Are you publishing tweets periodically?

Although we do follow automatically, that does not means that you have to abandon your account. The content it's an important piece to keep the followers you've gained through us, engaged. If you don't publish valuable content constantly, probably you'll lose the followers gained.

Advanced tips

Campaigns with your competition

Remember that the technique that will generate a higher follow back ratio, is to follow your competition followers. If they are interested in your competition, probably they would be interested in your brand...and we know that you are, no doubt, better than your competition!

Just active campaigns

In your plan we just count the amount of active campaigns. e.g. in your Starter Plan you can configure till 5 campaigns, but you can have just one active campaign. If you want, you can pause and resume the campaigns on demand.

More than one campaign per search account

You can configure more than one campaign for the same search account. That means you can target different genders or keywords and see how they are performing against each other.

Don't leave blank filters

Take your time to plan and use the available filters, in that way you can be sure that you are following users more likely to follow back to you.

Keyword ideas

In case you did't notice how to obtain new keywords for your campaigns, here you will find how:

📈 Below your campaigns you will find two charts with data from your followers:

Gender & Interests.

Those keywords that appear on the Interest Graph, are the one more repeated over your followers. Your follow back ratio would perform better if you add those keywords to your campaigns.