Multiple Twitter Accounts for Chrome

Switch between multiple logged in Twitter accounts seamlessly.

Multiple Twitter Accounts for Chrome

Features you'll love


Install the MTA from the Chrome Web Store to add multiple Twitter accounts on Twitter web.


Log in with all your Twitter accounts so we can keep your logged in and you can swtich between Twitter accounts.


You are not sharing authentication information with us, your user and password will reamain private.

Switch between twitter accounts on laptop

Just Switch!

With Multiple Twitter Accounts for Chrome you'll only have to switch between Twitter accounts to enjoy a seamlessly Twitter experience.

Manage multiple twitter accounts desktop

Unlimited Twitter Accounts

Enjoy up to ∞ Twitter accounts for free and leave us a quick review on the Chrome Web Store!

  • 1
    Install the official MTA for Chrome extension

    Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Multiple Twitter Account for Chrome extension.

  • 2
    Sign in on Twitter with different accounts

    Go ahead and sign in in all your accounts from the Chrome extension to manage multiple twitter accounts from Google Chrome.

  • 3
    Enjoy switching between multiple Twitter accounts

    Don't waste your time managing multiple Twitter accounts from your desktop, log in once and forget about it. Go ahead and add multiple Twitter accounts On Twitter web.


Forever Free


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try use it for free?

Yes you can! You can have up to ∞ Twitter accounts logged in at the same time with MTA for Chrome.

What's the "Review" payment?

The extension it's forever free, if you are enjoying the extension we ask you to leave a review in the Google Web Chrome Store to show us some 💙.

Are my accounts secure?

For sure! We don't ask neither store your user and password. Your credentials will remain private, always!

Do you have more products?

Yeap! Just go ahead and check Owlead, a plataform to attract and engage targeted Twitter followers.

Download Multiple Twitter
Accounts for Chrome

Available for all Twitter web desktop versions. Switch between
twitter accounts on your laptop or desktop.

*Works on Twitter version of February 2019 and before.